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Are you a networking savage? These tips will make you one

It takes a savage to know a savage, especially when it comes to networking.

Winter is coming and the season is only going to make the creative space you created a tad more lonely. With that said, wise creators will use all their tools to remain a networking savage. Additionally, it’s important to stay relevant in the minds of your friends, followers, and potential clients and collaborators.

Never underestimate all the different channels there are to network. Stay in touch, get familiar, reach out, or introduce yourself. Less travel time to the office means more engagement with associates and colleagues through these multiple channels. 

black people networking
Photo cred: Dejongh

Networking savages know this, too well. They are the ones finding uniques ways to say “Hi” and close the deal with a valued connection they can learn or grow with. Being active in this sense has to do with your approach to networking and reasoning for it.

If you have no real desires to accomplish anything, you may just be wasting your time that could afford for self-improvement. You ultimately waste someone else’s time that they offered you, hoping you would provide a great learning experience, or they could give you some gems that would help your career or reciprocate in their favor.

Plan out everything you want to do and accomplish when networking. Know who you want to talk to, connect, collaborate, and share with before you try to strike a conversation.

Therefore your approach, whether through DMs or email, will be genuine in tone. People will know you are serious, and you will have an opportunity to make a case for your art.

Every channel of communication is just that, so communicate often. It’s what is needed right now as companies and people are struggling to find talent or jobs that are fleeting.

And who knows, you may be subject to finding a real business partner in the process.

Look for these following outlets for networking in your everyday life, and you’ll see there are many outlets to building your brand and furthering your creativity. Be sure these connections you want to make are mutually beneficial.

Social Media Apps are a networking savage’s best friend

networking savage

Best believe that social media is the current printing press of modern time. Use these apps as assistants in this case. Comment, like, message, all without hesitation.

You are on these channels like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, and TikTok to connect with people for numerous reasons, like dancing, cooking, graphic design, fashion styling, or makeup application, to name a few.

One new platform you should consider joining is the ClubHouse app, well hopefully you get an invite. The new voice chat-based social media app is not only making waves in the tech world, but it’s also the talk of the town amongst creators from all walks of life.

Welcome to the Clubhouse app

So what’s all the hubbub around the Clubhouse app about? The platform is more than a vibe ad mimics the spontaneity of parties and large social interactions… Remember those?

Via the app users can start off in the main room with many other people, and then break into smaller groups for side conversations. Furthermore, there is no requirement to speak.

What sets the Clubhouse app apart from other social networks?

Once you join a room, you don’t need to be locked in order to participate. The Clubhouse app already has a $100 million valuation, despite not even having a full website.

Some takeaways… If you see something you like that sparks your interest, then dive into the feed and let that person know what you think. If you have any expanding ideas on a subject or topic of their interest, inquire with them about a possible collaborative project. 

Networking savages love FaceTime, Zoom Or Google Meet

facetime networking savage

Underestimating the effects of Zoom meetings and Facetimes will set you back some years; decades maybe. People are well aware of the pandemic and can overlook the invasiveness of the dreaded FaceTime meeting or one on one discussion.

If you are fearful of giving your likeness to a group of potential strangers, understand that boat is big. Getting familiar with what you look like is a part of your marketing strategy and fully evolving into a networking savage.

And with facemasks becoming a mandatory thing [until further notice, hopefully], you should want people to recognize who you are when it’s time to hire or bring on board for projects.

Public Marches, protests, rallies… Stay safe tho

networking at a protest
Protester with signs (in Italy) flooded streets all over the world after George Floyd was killed by police officer in the United States, Imad Skhairi

With all the marches that have happened over this Summer, we saw the unity in humanity.

We’re connected as a human race and saw those who stood for good and witnessed heartbreaking evils. More importantly, we found out that we all, most of us, want the same things in life.

With common ground, a lot of us found this time to form coalitions for change and reform. Artists voiced their views in various mediums. And we aligned on issues that moved us. Find these moments in today’s world to “build back better.”

Engagement groups were made for us to weave thorugh

Apps like Discord, Slack, GroupMe, WhatsApp, and Telegram provide a great range of group organization and a regular channel to communicate with like minds on a global scale.

Whether into fashion, music, art, or creative obscurity, these places have seamless flowing, open forum style conversations. Reminiscent of the early 2000s forums of the Dot Com bubble.

Follow up using that email newsletter

Newsletters can be great for spreading a message you can communicate to people individually and in associated groups. Emails are a formal messaging system that you, essentially, want to keep the chain to a minimum.

Things get messy after numerous responses. With a newsletter, sending your message to a ‘CC’ group or ‘BCC’ should be a bit more formal and broad, like casting a net to see who will surface and reply with interest.

Covid testing facilities because you never know

covid testing
A technician shows a nasal swab used for COVID-19 testing. (AP Photo/Jean-Francois Badias) (Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

Although this is a weird way to network, there may be fewer chances to connect with friends with winter creeping up.

As you remain healthy and avoid COVID, regular testing may be coming to a thing in your life. Especially if you have to travel during these times, you’ll be testing frequently.

You may as well make a friend through all that social distancing. At least you know they care about their health as much as you do yours. Or, you can invite a friend who needs a test done or would like one as a time to bond.

Good luck you networking savages!

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