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Are wellness drinks worth the hype? You might be shocked

Kin’s Euphorics, a wellness drink brand founded in 2017 is a gamechanger to everyday social life. The brand has created two kinds of beverages that were made to imitate the effects of an alcoholic beverage.

VIA Kin Euphoric

Founders, Jen Batchelor, and Bella Hadid have turned an experiment into a business opportunity, providing consumers with a healthier and more attainable lifestyle. 

The idea and execution

The brand currently advertises two beverages, one being called Kin Spritz, while the other one is called Lightwave. Both have completely different effects and are tailored to what consumers are looking for.

Kin Spritz claims to provide the idea of social energy with mood-boosting ingredients that spark that letting-go energy, while Lightwave targets an audience who is looking for an inner peace feel and relaxing nature.

“Kin was born as an experiment. Made to transform the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a conscious act of better being.”

VIA Kin Euphoric

Both founders assure that Kin’s is tailored for every type of individual. This is from those who are sober, or those with a busy work schedule, the brand says that it is a must-try!

However, the argument is whether they are necessary for an individual to incorporate it into their daily life. As we all know there are many ways to destress or feel more lively.

One can exercise,  join a yoga class, or even socialize without the need for a beverage that provides you that alcoholic feel and buzz. 

Rethink your drink

There are a variety of wellness drinks to consider out there when choosing one. We have kombucha, probiotic drinks that promise gut health, homemade juices that contain turmeric, and whatnot.

The numerous options can provide an individual with what they’re seeking to improve on. The hunt for greater vitamin intake and health properties can definitely be beneficial, but the research must be done prior!

Immunity Boosting Wellness Drink
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So are wellness drinks really worth the hype?

Though the brand seems to have good intentions for their consumers, they overlook their influence on the beverage itself.

Imitation of an alcoholic beverage is a significant matter to those who are sober. One may fall into relapse or feel the need for an actual alcoholic drink.

This is when we question whether wellness drinks are actually worth the hype? Are other tactics and activities a better choice in comparison to a beverage?

So Kin’s may not be the real deal. There are many other options and exercises that can be chosen over a spirited drink.

However, I must say I find Kin’s very interesting, and those who are intrigued by the brand should give it a try. Nevertheless, I would not say that it is a must-have for every individual.