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Are we surprised fashion labels are being exposed for racism?

I Just Find It Funny How…

Many fashion brands have been attuned to the current ethnic issues that have been boiling America’s blood causing nationwide and worldwide protests. With that, recently, a lot of fashion brands are also aware of their part in being silent about the inequalities faced by Black people and people of color.

We See You

Photo: via Diet Prada

Brands like Reformation and L’Oreal took to social media and expressed their solidarity with protesters posting empathizing quotes and images. But many of those same companies have had underlying racist issues.

Photo: via Diet Prada

Instagram account Diet Prada has collectively displayed the contradictions behind some of these fashion brand names. Using their social media accounts to share their thoughts and feelings in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, a sense of pander appeared evident.

Photo: via Diet Prada

We may have forgotten that the fashion industry has excluded black people and people of color for decades. Things may be different in facade today and issues may have subsided. But isolated incidents seemingly reveal a history of micro-aggressions and a larger more systemic neglect, ignorant behavior, and rhetoric of the hardships black people and people of color have faced.

Feeling Left Out

Historically black people have been left out of the conversation in partaking in fashion directly or indirectly. And fashion brands have tarnished their reputations from time to time trying to create awe-moments that and up being derogatory.

Photo: via Diet Prada

Black people are already forced to have to look to a lot of these brands to seek or maintain employment, and that we tend to shop at their stores which often lack diversity in staff and the brand image, just to point out. Let’s be clear, fashion brands priors to this decade were reluctant to sew streetwear into their fabric, not wanting to be associated with the urban cultural market…