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Are we ready for X rated NFTs? A look into the thirst trap

NFTs have taken over the digital world, and crypto porn is prospering for sex work. So the question is: are X rated NFTs the new wave, and can OnlyFans be the place for them to prosper?

As a wise man recently told me, technology is dictating the culture, as opposed to what has conventionally been the other way around.

OnlyFans emerged as a way for individuals to make money directly for their work (often concerning sex). For porn creators, it is all about operating with freedom. But censorship has been an issue in the past on other platforms.

Nothing is stigmatized more than sex work. And so entering the digital art space, the stigma is going to follow. But creators crafting X rated NFTs can work to destigmatize it.

And OnlyFans can find itself as a beacon of hope for creators making crypto porn.

NFT sex work

NFTs are all about owning something hot that no one else has. That is why people sit waiting in lobbies for hours upon hours for these non-fungible tokens like on NBA Top Shot.

So what better way is there for sex workers to make money than by trading an NFT?

@cryptonatrix on Instagram made a little over $1,772 selling an NFT titled “Making Vlad My Bitch.” This NFT is based on Robinhood CEO Vladamir Tenev and the platform’s recent actions with stonks.

The savagery truly knows no bounds. While there are benefits in the crypto community, @cryptonatrix published an article online explaining the hypocrisy of the crypto community concerning crypto porn and NFT sex work.

Contrary to its libertarian roots which might suggest a group that embraces freedom, I’ve found the crypto community is not exactly the most welcoming for sex workers, let alone women in general. 


Crypto porn and X rated NFTs

OnlyFans has revolutionized the porn industry and put the power in the workers hands. NFTs have been revolutionary themselves too. So why can’t X rated NFTs be perfect for the platform?

x rated nft sex work

Cryptocurrency works as a way for X rated NFTs to be sold because there is no censorship. On certain platforms like Rarible, which is where @cryptonatrix sold her NFT, sex workers have a perfect marketplace to sell their likeness.

The savage crypto porn trader has also created art around other notable billionaires, like Elon Musk.

So why is OnlyFans the place for NFTs?

It all comes down to censorship. To be free of the weights of what you can and can’t post, share, and trade is a liberating feeling. And especially for people like @cryptonatrix, releasing these shackles enables you to create what you want, and fight against the powers that be.

They certainly enjoy creating X rated NFTs concerning billionaires.

And while there are options like Rarible to trade and sell crypto porn artwork, OnlyFans has already situated itself as the platform for sex work.

This means that sex workers can learn more about the cryptocurrency space and how to trade X rated NFTs.


@cryptonatrix has shed an important light on censorship in sex work and what can be done to make sure sex workers get their bread for crypto porn.

Selling an NFT on OnlyFans may become the optimal way for sex workers to earn their livelihood. And NFTs may eventually become the driving force for destigmatizing sex work entirely.