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Are sexy audio stories the new wave? Dipsea is turning women on


Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan, founders of Dipsea, have created the first platform for sexy audio stories. Now the duo is pushing for a better understanding of women’s sexual wellness.

We all know what women talk about during their sleepovers; boys, gossip, and of course, their sexual experiences. Sex, in fact, is a major conversation among women.

“After dozens of late-night conversations around Faye’s kitchen table, we decided to make Dipsea a reality. We set out on a mission to empower women to tap into their sexuality more easily, and on their terms.”

Gina Gutierrez, Co-founder and CEO

Better sex, happiness, and health

The Dipsea app offers short, sexy audio stories, guided sexual wellness content, and now — Sleep. 

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Dipsea App

Often, we have trivialized the idea of sex, wellness, health, and most of all — empowerment. History has taught us that pleasure is rather sinful, almost like a crime and, in many cases, it has taught us that it deserves punishment. But, why? 

“In what other industries in the world do people say, ‘oh that problem is complicated, it must be unsolvable?’ None. So why do we do that with women’s sexuality?”

“Complicated challenges require complicated, nuanced solutions and a lot of care. Which is what we’re putting into it. We don’t believe women’s desire is a problem to be solved, it’s a fire to be stoked.” 

Gina Gutierrez, Co-founder and CEO

Sex, pleasure, and the exploration of both is not only a natural human experience, it’s a healthy one.

According to the Center of Women’s Health at Oregon Health and Science University, sex not only reduces blood pressure, is an immediate and natural pain reliever, decreases depression and anxiety but it also improves self-esteem. 

In other words, sex promotes a happier and healthier life.

Opening conversations through sexy audio stories is not only logical, but necessary. 

Gina and Faye recognized this missing piece and saw an opportunity. Who said that girls’ talk could not turn into a business? 

“We want to help people tap into their sexuality more easily, and on their terms. With pleasure comes power, and we want to give people an avenue to it.”

Gina Gutierrez, Co-founder and CEO

Thus, Dipsea was created as a business that takes a mind-first approach to sex and thought what was missing from most women’s sexual experiences was better inspiration and mood making. 

Sexy audio stories that set the mood

The idea of a platform that creates a mood and helps people tap into their sexuality and overall sexual wellness is surely interesting. But, most alluring is all the thought behind these sexy audio stories. 

“This has implications far beyond the bedroom: how confident we feel in our relationships, our jobs. How clearly we communicate our needs and desires.”

Gina Gutierrez, Cofounder and CEO

Every one of the sexy audio stories that Dipsea offers is sex-positive, consensual, and feminist. It presents people empowered in their social, romantic, and sexual experiences hoping that the user can secure the empowerment within themselves.

It’s all about sexual inspiration, education, and normalization. 

Additonally, within those teachings, Dipsea rescues the term and the significance of what erotica really is and what it means. Gina talked about how the term has lost its meaning over the years.

“People confuse eroticism with the pornographic: as intended to create arousal,” she explained. And quoted Adrienne Marie Brown, “[the pornographic is] sensation without emotion.” 

Eroticism is all about emotion

Later, Gina explained that, in fact, eroticism is all about emotion; it’s about humanity, connection, and beauty. And she said that Erotica is an old fashioned word which they think is important to bring back into the lexicon. 

Why? Because it’s part of the beauty and power of sexuality. Rihanna, the Queen, once put it perfectly: “sexuality is personal, is something you have to own or earn.

Thus, it’s inherently powerful.” To learn about that power, one has learned about themselves. 

Sexy audio stories are heightening sexual experiences

After only two years of business, DipSea is already helping thousands of women heighten their sexual experiences and have a happier and healthier sex life.

There have been testimonies of women exploring their sexuality and finding new paths to pleasure but also overcoming past traumas and finding better ways of communication inside their marriages and relationships. 

“Healthy sexuality is an incredibly important part of a whole and happy life. We’re making it easier to actually think about sexuality as a practice to nurture and pleasure as something you’re as worthy of as joy.” 

Gina Gutierrez, Co-founder and CEO

Download Dipsea in the App store here.

dipsea founders
Dipsea Founders