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Are NFTs the new wave? Swizz Beatz is the perfect NFT market influencer

As our modern era continues to evolve, digital existence becomes more and more advanced. Cryptocurrency is on an exponential tear and does not appear to be losing steam whatsoever. This is especially apropos as the NFT market emerges and Swizz Beatz emerges as an ideal influencer.

All cryptocurrencies exist within a blockchain where they are hosted safely and securely. New development within the online world goes by the name of NFT – non-fungible token.

Get hip to the NFT market

The NFT market allows users to own the things that they purchase within gaming, digital art spaces, domain names, event tickets, sports highlights, and so on.

This entire phenomenon continues to update in real-time so we will give you a basic breakdown of these newfound tokens.

nft market
Given the inevitability of advancement, the nature of man continues to evolve.

NFT’s vary in their ability to be traded, and their liquidity and interoperability, which means they are easily moved. Given the fact that they exist within the blockchain, there is virtually no chance of any scams or frauds, either.

Since NFTs exist within the blockchain they are legitimately embedded to make it easy to verify its origin and unique nature. The blockchain exists to identify digital objects to secure their authenticity and rarity. 

Get rich smart – Not get rich quick

Keep in mind, investing in the NFT market is a smart move. But only do so if you do not require an immediate return of the money you sink into the volatile blockchain.

nft market
Always do your research before sinking a chunk of change into digital assets.

Considering the fact that ownership only occurs in certain contexts, it is important to know what exactly you are investing your money into before you go full-force in your efforts.

More power to creatives

We are in the midst of one of the biggest inflection points in history.

Since Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to reach new all-time highs by the minute, there have been more creative ways developed to allocate the surplus funds.

Greater exposure of digital assets has made it possible to create a wider pool of potential buyers.

swizz beatz
A gigantic Kaws figure kicks back in in Taipei City, Taiwan.

The part that really brings excitement is that the power has begun to shift into the hands of the creatives. For example, artists on Nifty Gateway have been utilizing NFT transactions to garner life-changing amounts of money.

Not only that, but anyone who has been able to get their hands on artwork from this platform now own a valuable asset that continues to appreciate value over time.

Own what you labor

It all comes down to ownership. Just last year, Epic Games made roughly $2.4B off of selling “skins” or costumes for characters.

People continue to sink cash into their characters on Fortnite but do not digitally own any of the uniforms they purchase.

NFTs are a great way to curate and discover a scarce source of emerging digital content. They provide access to the ownership of emotional and cultural experiences.

Swizz Beatz could be the model NFT market influencer

NFTs are common, reusable, and inheritable. We think Swizz Beatz would be a prime candidate to be an NFT influencer solely because his artistic prowess is second-to-none.

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys own some of the most highly-coveted art pieces known to man. 

Swizz sharpens and nurtures his business-savvy maneuvers through art that typically involves African-American depictions and artists.

Keys and Beats together often host “Just Because” parties to celebrate the invigoration and interactive nature of the artists and artwork that they surround themselves with.

swizz beatz
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats sit elegantly amidst magnificent works of art. (Credit: Dana Scruggs)

The human body is a work of art in and of itself, so in essence we are all artists. Swizz Beats would be an excellent influencer within the NFT art space because he represents what it means to be wholesome within any space. 

His bodies of work represent art to the fullest as he respects, reveres and builds deeply rooted relationships with the artists that he comes in contact with.

Altogether, he wholeheartedly contributes to the honor of life with timeless essence and downright discipline for his craft. For that reason, we believe he would provide immense value within the NFT art market.