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Apple is teaming up with Malala to bring 100,000 underprivileged girls education

Activist Malala Yousafzai and Apple CEO Tim Cook have announced their partnership together.

Malala’s nonprofit the Malala Fund helps fund education for young girls across India and Latin America. The partnership with Apple allows for more than 100,000 girls in underprivileged countries the opportunity to a full 12-year education.

According to The Verge, this also means a stronger Gulmakai Network, which works on supporting activist networks and programs in many countries throughout the globe.

In a statement, Tim talks about the inspiration behind the partnership.

“We began to talk and it became so clear that she had such a bold vision. It really lined up with the boldness of Apple and that the core of it is an overriding belief in equality and that education is the great equaliser. And that has always been at the root of our company and my personal beliefs.”

Malala’s activism started when she was just a child. Always a champion of education for girls, Malala fought for her right to go to school, before being shot by a member of the Taliban.

Malala’s story and early activism has seen her become the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and one of the most important faces of issues facing female rights.

“My dream is for every girl to choose her own future. I am grateful that Apple knows the value of investing in girls and is joining Malala Fund in the fight to ensure all girls can learn and lead without fear.”

This development is sure to bring change all around the world, with Apple supporting the cause with its technological and research endeavors.

“We believe that education is a great equalizing force. Malala is a courageous advocate for equality. She’s one of the most inspiring figures of our time, and we are honored to help her extend the important work she is doing to empower girls around the world.”

Tim Cook will also be joining the Malala Fund council, helping discuss and lead the foundation.