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Apple fires engineer after daughter leaks iPhone X in video that went viral

Apple has let go of one of their engineers because of a recent iPhone X video that went viral days before the new phone’s release.

Brooke Amelia Peterson was visiting Apple’s Cupertino, California headquarters with her family. The group heads to Apple’s private Caffè Macs, where Brooke shows off the iPhone X for 30 seconds.

In the video, the Youtuber showed off a couple of the iPhone X’S features. On Tuesday after it was uploaded, Brooke’s video had gone viral.

“My dad was a privileged engineer who worked on the iPhone X and he had one. After Apple released their keynote, after plenty of YouTubers posted YouTube videos, hands-on iPhone X videos, I made a YouTube video about the iPhone X.”

Right now, her response is #4 on trending videos.

Big corporations are known to be very selective with what they share online. We’ve heard similar cases to this before from Apple, Microsoft, and even Google.

Brooke still claims that she had no idea the iPhone X couldn’t be shown on camera, after so many people giving us sneak peaks.

“Some codenames of forthcoming products from the company through the Notes app,” have been revealed, according to Gizmo China, “The video contained some sensitive QR codes that are meant for internal purposes.”

“My dad showed me his phone, and I was filming it in the Apple cafeteria. I made this video- for fun- because I love making Youtube videos.”

At the time it was filmed, Brooke didn’t even have subscribers, she was simply making the YouTube video for fun.

“I had no subscribers, I had no views, but I don’t care, because I love to make videos.”

Apple has yet to comment on the incident, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some good news for Brooke and her father.