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Another iPhone factory worker in China jumped to his death. WTF is really going on?

The iPhone is one hell of an innovation, but is it worth killing yourself over? Allegedly, it is.

A U.S.-based activist organization, China Labour Watch, said in a recent statement, that a factory worker jumped from a window, killing himself upon impact.

The suicide victim, Ming Li, was an employee of Foxconn – the world’s largest Chinese electronics manufacturer that assembles iPhones along with other products.

Why is this news? This wouldn’t be the first time the iPhone manufacturer has been under fire regarding employee suicide.

Foxconn has been in headlines since 2009.

The timeline commenced after a 25-year-old man jumped from his apartment building. Sun Danyong was said to have been beaten up by security guards prior to leaping out of his apartment window because he lost an iPhone prototype.

Since then there have been 18 “reported” suicides with all of the victims having one thing in common – all were employees for Foxconn.

Is this just a coincidence? We think not as Foxconn is also known for their trash working environment.

Back in 2010, the same year the iPhone 4 was released, 14 Foxconn employees murked themselves. With most victims between the ages of 18 to 24.

One of those suicide victims was 19-year-old Ma Xiangqian. Before his death, Ma’s family told the NYT that “he hated the job.”

His job was working 11-hour overnight shifts, seven nights a week beating LCD screens into shape. Well, before he was demoted to toilet duty.

Damn, that’s f’d up. To prove how gruesome the working conditions really are at Foxconn, Ma’s last paycheck showed the hours of a robot that you never shut off.

My guy worked 286 hours in the month before he died and 112 hours of overtime, at the equivalent of $1 an hour. That’s highway robbery. Over here in America, the average work month is only 160 hours.

The most alarming part of this story is that even after the 14 employees suicides, Foxconn’s working conditions didn’t get better. Instead, to prevent people more suicide at their factory, Foxconn erected a net around its Shenzun factories the same year.

Yeah, thanks for the safety net bruh. Sheesh.

Finally becoming fed up with the working conditions 150 employees of Foxconn threatened suicide in protest, but still, the bodies dropped. Three more people threw themselves from buildings in lieu of the iPhone 5 release.

Now, as we enter 2018 can we expect to see more suicides over manufacturing an iPhone?

According to Chinese state media, where Mr. Li killed himself in Zhengzhou is the same place where half of Apple’s iPhones are manufactured. At this same plant, 350,000 workers assemble 350 iPhones per minute.

C’mon Tim Cook are you really going to let this shit slide?

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