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Anakin Artz drops ‘The Force’ visuals, breaks down the Reject Dreams collective

Brooklyn’s own Anakin Artz has released the visuals for his track “The Force” and it’s some next level conceptual shit.

Surrounded with a diverse group of “rejects” from different countries and cultures, Anakin raps “I didn’t choose, baby I’m chosen” over menacing production from Ty The Sound God.

Judging from the vision, it looks like Anakin ain’t lying.

Anakin Artz co-founded the collective Reject Dreams, a self-described group of “like minded persons including but not limited to music artists, music producers, audio engineers, musicians, visual artists, visual producers, and visual performers.”

Reject Dreams isn’t just for creatives though, it’s an entire lifestyle for people that feel outcasted and derided by societal norms.

It’s dope to see young artists putting on for people that may not feel like they’re represented in the culture.

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Recently, after appearing on multiple blogs and interviews with radio DJs like Hot 97’s DJ Enuff, Anakin hit the road and went on a long period of reflection.

We were able to catch up with Anakin and speak further about his visuals for “The Force” video, that period of reflection, his Reject Dreams collective, and his upcoming moves.

What does “The Force” mean to you?

The Force is all about learning your true self and being able to live in that space all the time, in order to maximize your potential. Think of the time you witnessed Kobe Bryant dropping 81 points, midway through the game you could tell Kobe was locked in and channeling his own force.

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You said you recently had a long period of reflection, what was that like, what were some of the lessons learned during that time?

Beginning in December I hit the road to do some shows in Miami, Montreal, and Toronto. One thing I learned was, it’s not the amount of places you go but it’s the love you find along the way that means everything. The variety of people I met were very different and the culture in each spot was different as well, what I realized was that even though our environments are different, a lot of us as people are facing some of the same challenges and there’s many things that connect us as a people.

You’ve got a diverse set of characters in “The Force” video. What’s the goal behind all the different faces in the visuals?

The goal was to embrace the unconventional within us all, to spotlight diversity on all levels whether it means you’re a percussionist from Mexico or a dancer from Denmark, we’re all Rejects. The personality traits that make us mutant really make us special.

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What is the idea behind your collective Reject Dreams?

Reject Dreams is a lifestyle and family more than even an art collective, it’s a way of life. A home for people who feel outcasted by the social norms. No matter your walk of life, whether you’re pursuing a rap career or becoming a lawyer. We use Rejection as a fuel to overcome obstacles and to strive for greatness.

What’s next for Anakin Artz and Reject Dreams?

Creating more special moments and experiences that allow us to directly connect with the people. Introducing people to the lifestyle through different outlets. Live TV format, webisodes, events, and forward-thinking product releases.

Anakin Artz and his crew are making some very dope, unorthodox moves on the New York hip-hop scene. Keep an eye out for these rejects!