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Amber Rose really had 21 Savage out here with a ‘I’m A Hoe’ sign

Yesterday Amber Rose held her third annual Los Angeles Slut Walk.

If you’re unaware, Amber Rose’s Slut Walk serves to take the derogatory power out of words like hoe, slut, and thot. The walk is an attempt to empower women and promote  sex positivity.

It’s no secret that woman are treated differently than men regarding their sexual exploits and Amber Rose aims to eliminate that trend in search of equality.

Wearing her “Captain Save-A Hoe” superhero outfit, Amber Rose led the charge swinging around her ‘Captain Save-A Hoe poster.’

Save Me My Love #arsw17

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Rocking a pink cape in her white leotard Amber walked around looking spectacular. Other women supporters showed out to the walk including Blac Chyna and Just Brittany to support the cause.

Amongst the other celebrities that joined in on the walk, everyone’s eye was on 21 Savage. The platinum-selling rapper stood right next to Amber showing his support for her Slut Walk movement.

During the walk 21 carried a poster of his own reading “I’m a hoe too.”

Caption this #HHVW

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Amber and 21 seemed like weird couple at first, but they’re really out here for each other.

“I’m a hoe too” ‍♂ #TheSavages

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Of course the internet had jokes…

And more jokes.

Some people are trying to clown 21 for supporting his girlfriend. I know damn well you guys making fun of the savage for being soft for Amber would do the exact same in his position. At the Slut Walk, 21 was doing exactly what he should: supporting his girl.

21 doesn’t have the friendliest reputation but for the love of his life there’s obviously an exception. Amber’s annual event ended a huge success bringing out a large number of attendees.

With 21 joining the slut movement the possibility of bringing a new male audience to the walk is a real one. While the internet continues to make its jokes about 21 and Amber they’ll continue to live unbothered and lit lives.

21 Savage supports his woman in anything she does.

At the end of the day, he may be the Kaepernick for equal rights.

Just look at him trooping through it like a champ.

This is what sacrifice in a relationship looks like.