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Allie Eve Knox could unlock the billion dollar sex worker

Allie Eve Knox is the crypto cutie we’ve all been waiting for as she has found a way to monetize sex work on the blockchain.

Photo by Allie Eve Knox

Cryptocurrency has created a digital renaissance for all types of artists. Many creatives are making rent through cryptocurrency, while performers in sex work are left out of the conversation.

Despite sex workers depending on cryptocurrency, they’re not taken seriously in the space due to the negative stigma surrounding their work.

Welcome to the school of hard Knox 

allie eve knox
photo by Victor Von and Allie Eve Knox

Adult entertainment workers have been involved in the crypto market long before Bitcoin came into the mainstream. Allie Eve Knox, an adult entertainer, has also been involved with crypto since her Paypal was shut down in 2014.

Also known as “Crypto Cutie”, she consults others, creates NFT’s on Rarible, and runs her own business as an entertainer. 

Knox is more than meets the eye, coming into the game with two undergrad degrees and a graduate degree, respectively.

After being shut down by Coinbase, Knox saw the opportunity to work with Spankchain. Spankchain, a site where sex workers couldn’t be shut down, offered their own Crypto for adult entertainers. Knox was treated with the same respect as a Developer, at Spankchain pushing their project forward. 

“My relationship with Crypto is kind of different, it’s more I have to use rather than I like to use

Aliie Eve Knox

Aside from accepting payments in Crypto through Spankchain, Knox mints NFT’s on Rarible. While most of her NFT’s are sexually explicit, others are simply selfies, artwork, and beautifully composed photoshoots. She is actively involved in the blockchain, collaborating and consulting others.

A sex workers dependency on crypto 

For many, adaptation is survival. Sex workers’ dependency on crypto is due to necessity as opposed to a luxury. Sex workers such as Allie Eve Knox depend on cryptocurrency to put food on the table or pay bills. 

“We talk about Crypto being this like solution for things, whatever, I always say its a solution, not the solution”, Said Knox. “It’s been helpful, it’s saved our asses a bunch of times, its how we pay our bills, its how we take our income in”.

sex worker crypto cutie
Photo by Victor Von and Allie Eve Knox

Knox is one of the few sex workers in the crypto space who thrive in the Blockchain. There are still those out there who are only surviving. The dependency sex workers have on crypto, while not taken seriously stems from a greater issue.

Those who produce sexually explicit content openly on the internet, are detested in the public’s eye.

“We still face the stigma, it doesn’t matter how many apps people build or what type of products they build, what kind of company pops up, this is still a social problem”

– Allie Eve Knox

It’s no surprise, Knox is successful, in her line of work. However, everything she received did not come without taking a few risks or putting in hours of work.

Many believe that sex work is easy, but the reality is many of these workers are running their own businesses. Marketing, Scheduling content, and client interaction are the tip of the iceberg. 

“There’s a lot of us that have degrees in marketing, or sale, we can do all kinds of shit, we run our own businesses”, said Knox. “If I was to make a resume of all the shit that I do on a daily basis, it would blow actual jobs out of water”.

Allie Eve Knox continues to grind…

Cryptocurrency allows sex workers to work comfortably in the safety of their own homes and choice of partners. The fluctuating value of cryptocurrency is only one example of the inconsistencies sex workers face. For instance, many banks threatened to penalize platforms like Pornhub and OnlyFans by refusing payments.

As a result, causing them to abruptly ban sexually explicit content. In addition, other sites go through a more time-consuming process before allowing producers to upload their content. However, nothing is guaranteed to be uploaded. For those who have bills to pay, time and assurance are important.

“I spent 14 hour days at the computer, completely scheduling my OnlyFans that was for 2022 like that took me almost three months,” said the crypto cutie. “Here the problem if OnlyFans comes through and decides there not gonna allow nudity again, well that whole fucking time for me is wiped, that whole income for me is gonna be wiped.

Tokenomics is becoming more mainstream. New startups are popping up each quarter, making headlines. Meanwhile, those who have been surviving on cryptocurrency since the beginning, accumulating tons of knowledge are rarely given a seat at the table 

“Crypto is that thing where it’s all the hell raisers, so you think there would be more a community vibe across the board, but it hasn’t been that way”

– Allie Eve Knox