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All the times DJ Akademiks got flamed into oblivion on his own show

DJ Akademiks, hip-hop gossip streamer and one-third of Complex’s “Everyday Struggle”, was reeling from the news that Joe Budden was leaving the program over a contract dispute.

It’s understandable that Akademiks would be upset, alongside Budden, “Everyday Struggle” became an important, interesting, slightly antagonistic source for new things going on in the culture.

Losing Budden pretty much makes “Everyday Struggle” obsolete.

With all of that in mind, Akademiks went on Twitch, his preferred medium of communication, which tells you virtually everything you need to know, to speak on the situation.

A visibly distraught and downtrodden Ak addressed the issue and then… tried to come for Desus and Mero(?), the hosts of the #1 show in late night.

Akademiks seemed to purposely mispronounce Desus’ name and say that he doesn’t fuck with Desus and Mero.

You already know The Kings of The Bronx had to flame Akademiks on their show last night. To Ak’s defensive claim that everyone in the media talks shit about him, Mero pointed out that,

“No one is talking about YOU, they’re talking about the dumb shit YOU do. You are not important, DJ Akademiks, you’re named after velour suits from 2003.”

This is all factual.

Akademiks seems to continuously find himself beefing with artists on his show, usually based off shit Ak said on his streaming platform (yes, I’m listening to Rowdy Rebel right now, too).

It’s not really a normal thing for a “media” member to antagonize artists to such an extent that they feel the need to come on your show to voice their displeasure personally.

Let’s take a look at some examples of artists flaming Akademiks on his own show.

Erykah Badu incepts Akademiks with hour-long, otherworldly roast

Erykah Badu, Queen of Spirits, went on “Everyday Struggle” and immediately identified Akademiks as familiar-looking.

Ak was obviously flattered, thinking it was some shit about a past life or whatever. Badu revealed the name Thomas kept coming back to her.

Over the hour-long interview Erykah Badu kept returning to the issue, further raising the dramatics and the stakes of the familiarity until, as they wrapped up the interview, Badu identified the lookalike as… Jerry, the mouse from Tom and Jerry. Ak felt a little let down.

This was truly one of the most intricate reads of all time.

This was a good natured and fun roast. No feelings were truly hurt during the making of this flaming. This isn’t the case for all of Akademiks’ beefs.

Vic Mensa tells Akademiks he wants to slap him in the face over Chiraq comments

This is probably the most intense beef in the history of “Everyday Struggle”. Budden screaming at Lil Yachty that he’s not actually happy was some trivial shit in comparison.

Vic Mensa’s issue with Akademiks was not trivial.

Mensa came on the program ready to say some shit to Akademiks over his coverage of the Chicago drill music scene. Akademiks had been critical of drill music, saying it was detrimental to the culture and insinuating that rappers dying from violence in Chicago was inevitable.

Akademiks had an entire series “The War in Chiraq” covering the violence of the Chicago drill scene, talking about people dying in a trivial, lighthearted, I-told-you-so way.

The specific moment Vic Mensa addressed on “Everyday Struggle” is a clip of DJ Akademiks reporting on the death of Chicago rapper Tray 57. The video of Akademiks talking about Tray 57 is pretty unbelievable.

Akademiks says in a light-hearted tone about Tray 57 dying hours after dissing Lil Reese, who Akademiks jokingly refers to as “The Chiraq grim reaper,”

“You diss the Chiraq grim reaper, just sit back give your life to the lord, repent for your sins, make sure your baptized, ’cause the fateful day is definitely coming.”

When Mensa came out hot on “Everyday Struggle”, Akademiks tried to claim that his “outside perspective” was constructive, to which Vic Mensa… did not agree, saying, “There was nothing constructive about it and I’ma tell you the truth, I really-I really think you a bitch.”

Oh boy. When Ak asks how exactly he is a bitch, Mensa went off about Ak’s comments about Tray 57, who Vic Mensa knew since he was a 5-year-old:

“Because there’s a video that you put up that about a person named Tray 57, making all these jokes like, ‘Here’s another Chiraq savage. Like this guy’s stupid. He messed with the Grim Reaper.’ Like n****, this is not a video game. That’s a n**** I grew up with that I’ve known since I was five years old. And to see you come on the Internet and like with the corny ass little voice and make jokes about it, I was waiting to see you. And it’s a couple of people waiting to see you. I heard you say you didn’t wanna come to Chicago when I sat down ’cause you clearly know. You really couldn’t even stand outside.”

The Chicago rapper went on to claim Akademiks made light of real life violence in Chicago in order to build his following:

“You really built a following off clowning our deaths. People that I really know. And you know what’s fucked up about it and why I said the things I said to you is because were we to be in a room and there’s no cameras, there’s no security, you see us, you wouldn’t make no jokes. You wouldn’t make a single joke.”

Then Joe Budden, Ak’s own co-host interjected, “don’t waste camera time, he wouldn’t make the joke.”

Mensa wasn’t done! He went on:

“Those are ballsy things to say, not coming from a ballsy person… pause. But those are brave things to say and I don’t take you for a brave man.”


TDE comes for Akademiks after calling SZA “Amazon bitch”

DJ Akademiks, while proudly proclaiming that he hadn’t listened to SZA’s album CTRL, one of the best albums of the year, had an apparent moment of revelation that SZA was “one of those Amazon bitches.”

These comments were unbeknownst to SZA and her TDE camp as the artist happily went on “Everyday Struggle” and gave a lovely interview.

Then TDE caught wind of Ak’s comments and TDE president Terrence “Punch” Henderson was not impressed.

SZA herself responded to the comments in a since-deleted tweet saying she wish he had told her this while she was on the show, “Shoulda said this s— this morning. Still don’t regret being nice to you. Peace.”

Stay classy Ak!

Joe Budden, while still co-host of show, calls Akademiks “one of the biggest pussies”

After the infamous incident at the BET Awards this summer between Migos and the “Everyday Struggle” crew, Joe Budden, Akademiks’ own damn co-host, went on the “Joe Budden Podcast” to flame Akademiks.

“DJ Akademiks is one of the biggest pussies I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He should never comment on anything that has to do with physicality. Well you gotta stop talking sometimes when you’re a pussy… There’s nothing wrong with being a pussy, but you got be a pussy to the corner sometimes. Just shut up.”

C’mon Joe, you didn’t have to do him like that.

Honestly, DJ Akademiks does a lot of work breaking news about hip-hop gossip and shit like that, so that’s cool. But it’s pretty weird to have this many antagonistic relationships with artists. Like, you have to try to piss everyone off this much.

This level of beef is honestly impressive. Keep doing you, Ak.