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Alec Monopoly is the most fire anonymous street artist since Banksy

alec monopoly

Art is second nature for Alec Monopoly. As he was learning to write he was learning to draw. He grew up in NYC and is the son of a financier and an oil painter. His mother was the artist, who serves as one of his greatest inspirations.

Monopoly is a true artist, constantly creating new pieces, as long as he is not eating or sleeping. Alec showcased his talents at a very young age, selling his first painting at 12 years old for $500.

His passion turned into a career when his street art and graffiti in the Meat Packing District caught the eye of NYC real estate developer Todd Cohen. When Cohen offered to buy 10 of his pieces, Monopoly’s success began.

Alec took inspiration from Bernie Madoff, the financial crisis, and the Monopoly board game, creating pieces exhibiting his depiction of capitalistic greed.

It’s amazing how he put all of his inspirations together to create art that would convey the corrupt American banking industry. Check out what he said in a Forbes interview back in 2015,

“I was playing Monopoly and watching the news, and I saw Bernie Madoff being arrested. And it hit me, it was like a light bulb and, that night, I started a canvas of a Monopoly guy that I never finished. It’s a Monopoly guy half-painted, and I went out on the street and just started tagging the Monopoly guy. The response was so quick. It was picked up on the Internet and in magazines, so I just went crazy with it.”

Alec made the world his canvas, tagging his images of the Rich Uncle Penny Bags all over the globe from NYC…

To Paris where he finds a lot of raw inspiration…

And you already know he had to get it poppin’ in Miami too.

It was Alec’s big move from NY to Cali that established him as a unique artist, bringing his Wall St. influenced art to places like Melrose and Sunset Blvd.

Monopoly’s art is a hit with the rich and famous. He has won the attention of actors and artists alike. Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogan, Benecio Del Toro, and Robert Dinero have all bought pieces from him. Back in 2013, he also collaborated with Justin Beiber where he created a mural live on the red carpet for Beiber’s hit film, Justin Beiber’s Believe. 

Alec Monopoly’s creativity doesn’t stop there! The street’s prophet also sprays images of other wealthy pop-culture figures from childhood to join the Monopoly Man…

Like the homie, Richie Rich…

And Uncle Scrooge.

Monopoly draws inspiration from pop culture as well. Peep his interpretations of celebrity icons such as Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Jack Nicholson, Goldie Hawn and Muhammed Ali.

It’s interesting to see how his brand extends way beyond just his huge murals and tagged up pieces. Monopoly has teamed with hotels, jewelry companies, and clothing brands showcasing his talents.

Here he collaborated with W Maldives Retreat and Spa.

Alec is also the art provocateur of TAG Heuer.

Just killing another runway show because he really does this.

He has managed to do all of this while concealing his identity, either with a hand over his mouth, a dust mask, or a bandana. Even while I was watching him in an interview with his mask off he never revealed his true identity.

The craziest part is that Alec isn’t even his real name.

Want to check out some of his latest work?  You can find it at the Eden Fine Art Gallery. Alec’s art will be showcased through Dec. 30.