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After losing to the Bills, are the Packers still an elite team?

Aaron Rodgers

After Sunday night’s 27-17 loss against the Buffalo Bills (6-1), many now wonder – can the Green Bay Packers (3-5) still compete for a Super Bowl? 

The Packers have dropped four straight after losing in primetime, something that four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not familiar with. Rodgers coming into this year has only had two losing seasons: 

“We gotta improve the discipline a little bit. Improve the discipline, then just improve the details. You know, the first play of the game, we are going the wrong way on offense and just [making] little detailed mistakes,”

Rodgers told reporters after the loss

Rodgers later added, “I thought we ran the ball well. I thought ‘Jonesy’ [Aaron Jones] had a great game; I thought AJ [Dillion] ran the ball hard. But, we are going to have to push the ball down the field in order to win games in this league.” 

Will Odell solve their issues?

The NFL tradeline is this coming Tuesday, and many “cheese heads” want to see a change on their roster – specifically in the receiving core. Three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has recently shown interest in joining Rodgers in the cheese state.  

“Odell and I have been friends for a number of years now, so we keep in contact often. We talked various times over the years, and obviously with a player like that, you always [are] hoping that there’s a time where you can figure things out and play together,”

Rodgers told The Pat McAfee Show

Whether they take the trading or free-agent route, change must happen if this team wants to contend for a championship. Yes, the Packers rushed for over 200 yards against the No. 1 defensive in the league. However, if you’re going to make it far, you have to air the ball out.  

How did the Packers lose?

Last night, the Packers dug themselves into a 24-7 hole heading into halftime – a lead that is nearly impossible for a team that can’t pass to come back from. Not only did the Packers have to conquer an insurmountable lead, that had to deal with injuries and mental mistakes.  

Wide receiver Christian Watson and linebacker De’Vondre Campbell had to leave the game after suffering injuries.

Not to mention linebacker Quay Walker, who was ejected in the second quarter after shoving a player on the sidelines. Walker’s ejection ended up extending the Bills’ lead before the half.  

What does the head coach think?

“It’s an unfortunate lesson that he’s got to learn. I hope it’s a good reminder for everyone on our football team because that’s the kind of stuff that I have zero tolerance for,”

Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur told the media after the game.  

“Mistakes are going to happen in this game. But, losing your cool, losing your poise, putting the team in jeopardy – I got no tolerance for that,” Lafleur added.  

What went wrong?

In the 2021-22 NFL season, the Packers finished No.1 in the NFC conference with a record of (13-4). A lot of the team’s success was due to the chemistry between Rodgers and former wide receiver Davante Adams. Together the two combined for the most touchdown passes in Green Bay history, at 68.  

Unfortunately, Green Bay decided they would roll with a heavy rookie receiving core – sending Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders (2-5). Eight games into this season, Rodgers’ struggles with his receivers have shown, already tying his interception count from last season with four.  

If the Packers want any chance of competing in early February, they will need more outside weapons for Rodgers to work with.