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After his success with ‘Power,’ 50 cent is deadass tryna take over BET

Here comes 50 Cent with another ingenious idea.

The Queens rapper turned Power executive producer, is looking to take his TV talents to BET with his new late night variety show, 50 Central.

Fiddy is feeling extra cocky and his BET takeover is no joke. Wouldn’t you have a chip on your shoulder if you were an executive producer of premium cable’s second-most successful franchise?

BET is looking a little more tuff…

And 50 is still looking like a boss.

50 Cent is looking to change the game with 50 Central, He thinks it’s time for a change and with BET giving him the freedom to do as Fiddy does, expect the show to be an edgier new wave of late night television.

Although 50 serves as an executive producer on the show he will also be hosting. The main objective of the show is to bring young, viral, and unrecognized talent to the big screen. A grip of comedians has also been cast for the show to help Fiddy out.

But, taking over the air with his new variety show is not the only territory the Get Rich or Die Trying artist is looking to conquer on BET. He’s looking for complete control. Last month he came at his homie Dwyane Wade’s bae, Gabrielle Union’s neck.

50 Cent gives no fucks, you can’t have a conscience in the TV game

Mary Jane is not the only show on BET Fiddy’s coming for either

“I’m getting rid of a few shows because I have some good ideas. Watch how this plays out #50Centralbet.” A very bold caption from 50 indeed. Does the Queens rapper have some leverage? He just might.

When Season 4 of Power premiered it became the second-highest rated premiere in Starz history, according to DeadlineThe first place holder is the Season 3 premiere of the show, which pulled 2.26 million viewers, got 50 and Courtney Kemp, the creator of Power, the go for Seasons four and five.

Besides Power, 50 Cent has been dabbling in the film and TV industry for some time now. 50 Cent currently holds 39 acting credits and 19 producer credits. Maybe a BET takeover is not such a bad idea.

Whatever Curtis Jackson touches turns to gold (this is a throwback, but I still drink Vitamin Water because of him).

Hopefully, he’ll bring his Midas touch to BET.