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After a 7 month hiatus, Father returns with wild visuals for ‘Hands’

Father just dropped the dope visuals for his hit single “Hands.” It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from or seen the ATL rapper.

The video dropped four months after he released the song.

Before premiering the song, Father took a seven-month hiatus.

Even though he took a half year break, do not mistake his quietness for fuckery, Father was touring heavily throughout 2016 and 2017. Father also has a list of hit singles and is the the biggest act of alternative Atlanta record label, Awful Records.

Don’t know who Father, aka ‘Father’s Liquor Cabinet,’ is? Let’s peep his long tracklist of poppingness. The song he’s mostly known for “Look at Wrist,” he did with iLoveMakonnen & Key! back in 2014. The song has over 7 million views on YouTube and and close to 12 million plays on SoundCloud.

Father also got a shout out from the Champagne Papi on Instagram.

Father was no one hit wonder either. All of his projects are low-key masterpieces. After dropping Young Hot Ebony, he went on to do two more studio albums – Who’s Gunna Get Fucked First and I’m a Piece of Shit. 

Not to mention his EP game is crazy.

If you haven’t heard Papicodone … 

Boys & Girls Club …

Or L1L D1DDY, you are sleeping!

Not bad for an independent artist, huh?

Father dropped out of college to enter the rap industry. Before making the switch, Father attended Georgia State University where he was pursuing a degree in Chemistry and intended to become a Pharmacist.

Even though Father was captivated by the campus lifestyle of Georgia State and the party/club scene in ATL, according to an interview he did with Vibe, schooling laid the groundwork for Awful Records,

It definitely pushed me towards it. Once I got into Chemistry and realized school wasn’t meant for me, I went to Georgia State University in Atlanta. I enjoyed the campus life there more so than the school itself. I met so many [people] there and that was really a starting point for Awful Records. The party/club scene in Atlanta opened the doors with meeting new people. Some people choose to really get involved in it and then the others choose to be a part of it but focus on school. I was just one of the people who loved the Atlanta party vibe, and that’s what took a hold of me.

His unique talents are incomparable.

Last year, Father took to Twitter when he was compared to megastar rapper, Future.

Peep how tight Father got when he was compared to Future

Don’t test Father because he’ll be ready to shoot the hands on sight. Check out his new visuals for his latest rough em up single “Hands.” Warning: content portrays violence and may not be suitable for children under the age of trap god.

Hands on sight… go off in they shit