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Abstract artist King Saladeen on chasing his dreams to become a trailblazer

Contemporary abstract artist King Saladeen has always painted. He started during his youth drawing on the walls of his room and painting portraits for his supportive parents. Still, he didn’t take notice of his calling to truly show the world what he can do with a paintbrush.

Motivation to chase “the dream” comes to individuals a couple of times during their lifetimes. The decision to act on said motivation comes to some but most decide, no. Truthfully, sometimes we need a little push in order to realize what we are destined to do.

It was Saladeen’s late childhood friend JP, who saw his “Money Bear” logo painted on a t-shirt and pushed him to pursue what he was designed to do. Painting portraits were never the same for the abstract artist after his best friend passed away because he now had heavenly assistance.

In response to the many forms the “Money Bear” has taken on, Saladeen said,

“The inspiration behind the “Money Bear” was my best friend who passed away from cancer [JP]. He was already on a level up mindset. So, I think all of this is coming into play from a heavenly mindset…”

Fast-forward to the present, Saladeen’s career is blossoming like a bouquet of freshly cut roses. An art installation at the NYSE, a capsule collection drop with Champion, and his work with charities prove that he is well on his way to becoming a legendary contemporary painter.

The young artist believes in his vision, now, more than ever. Plus, with JP by his side, including, the love and support of his family big things are in store for the art king.

Be sure to check out the above video to hear Saladeen’s story. Also, to view some of his latest works, in person, pull up to The Compound in the BX. We heard it’s LIVE!