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A tech billionaire just paid bread for an operation that will kill him but preserve his brain

Uploading your memories and preserving your brain will be the way of the future. The question is, ‘For a chance at eternal life, are you willing to body yourself?’

Your consciousness would live on forever. That is as soon as the intellect behind Nectome, a preserve-your-brain-and-upload-it startup, figures out how.

Their mission is to “preserve your brain well enough to keep all its memories intact.”

Nectome has already had success in preserving the connectomes of animal brains. Connectomes are all the connections called synapses between neurons in your brain.

I’m getting an Altered Carbon vibe. In the Netflix show, people were able to live forever because their consciousness was downloaded and uploaded into a “sleeve.” Could this become reality? Maybe.

As far as uploading yourself into another human body, Nectome is far from figuring that out. But in regards to figuring out how to upload your consciousness to the cloud, this braze startup is very close.

In fact, they are so close that people are investing in this possibility of eternal life. So far 25 people have dropped $10,000 to join the waiting list. One of them is Sam Altman, Silicon Valley billionaire, tech entrepreneur, and co-creator of the Y-Combinator program.

He told the MIT Technology Review, he’s pretty sure minds will be digitized in his lifetime. Altman also added,

“I assume my brain will be uploaded to the cloud,”

So what happens once they get to your name on the waiting list and hit you up? The procedure is brolic AF and Nectome needs a live and fresh brain in order for this to work.

Alive but under anesthesia, the patient will then have a mix of scientific embalming chemicals pumped into the big carotid arteries of their necks via heart-lung machine.

The whole point is that you will die by the time the brain preservation is completed. In the words of  Nectome’s co-founder, Robert McIntyre, the procedure is “100 percent fatal.”

Lowkey, this is that doctor-assisted “XO Tour Life”, but the company has already consulted with lawyers who are wild woke when it comes to California’s two-year-old End of Life Option Act, which permits doctor-assisted suicide for terminal patients.

In other words, the service will be totally legal and Gucci. All I hope for is that people who cannot afford to live forever find some way to adapt when everyone is a simulated digital consciousness.

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