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A student’s guide to Instagram: How to keep your mental health in check

You scroll. And you scroll. And you scroll some more. It’s Instagram, and it’s sometimes hard to remember your mental health takes precedence over what anyone on the internet is doing.

As little as we want to believe it, we are what we consume. And while there is endless toxicity for us to keep stumbling upon in the media, surrounding ourselves with positive thinking really is possible.

A plethora of creatives out there are determined to share goodness with the world and have found their art, state of mind, and adventures taking a whole new level of success. Even as this year has plunged many people deeper into a virtual realm, and subsequently, the twists and turns of the mind.

Prioritizing our exposure to messages and images that encourage our wellbeing rather than hinder it, has become even more vital. Not only during Mental Health Awareness Month, but daily, throughout the months that precede and follow.

(This is not medical or professional advice but rather a piece seeking to shed light on the work of creatives that use Instagram to spread love and positivity with mental health in the digital world.)

Anxiety & art

To start off, fall in love with the cute little blob, Lennnie, and its sweet, soothing voice. From getting you out of bed, to putting you to sleep, @itslennnie has you covered.

Taking the blend of visuals with positive energy to the next level, Lennnie posts animated videos to keep you going when you are feeling low. Unapologetically real, funny, and beyond musically inclined, content is varied but always comforting.

And… Lennnie also just started interviewing artists to talk about the crazy things that go on in our heads. From words of pure wisdom to sweet loving wishes, @itslennnie is guaranteed to make you feel something and/or put a smile on your face when you need it.

“I want people to be united by their anxieties, rather than alienated by them.” 


@worry__lines has created a character of their own that engages in dialogue, shares thoughts, and reflects the messiness of our minds. Seeking to inform and unite all at the same time, this Instagram page is all too relatable and guaranteed to help your mental health…

Illustrator Liz Fosslien creates easy on the eye, scientifically-backed posts on her account @lizandmollie, revolving around dealing with our emotions in the workspace.

Mixing the artsy with the analytical, she defies some of our preconceived ideas about ourselves, and sometimes, those are just the reminders we need. (Check out her Wall Street Journal best-seller: No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work).

Eating disorders & recovery

“Your fighting companion” – @im_powering. A self-proclaimed “ED warrior” and recovery advocate, Imogen goes from thought and experience sharing to facts and motivational posts, and everything in between.

The content variety is endless and never boring. @im_powering digs deeper than you think you could on your own, in a peaceful way that keeps things human, accessible, and most importantly attainable. Scroll to inform yourself, while learning about yourself.

“Because we’re stronger together.”


@therecoveryclub_ is an online community curating a series of peaceful daily reminders and messages we are quick to forget. From informative to motivational, whether you are warrior or not, past or present, these infographics are essential.

For vital reminders from a professional, that feel comforting and personal, have a look at @drcolleenreichmann. Dr. Reichmann is a licensed psychologist who specializes in eating disorders and body image.

In a way that is accessible and inviting, she has taken to Instagram to share content that ranges from responses to viral trends that reveal themselves to be toxic, to simple but essential words of love and affirmation.

Foundations on Instagram for the betterment of your mental health

Information gets drowned out by the second because of how saturated our platforms are. Global accounts led by non-profit organizations like @madeofmillions are here to remind us of the things we might have never asked ourselves or thought to consider, but that are essential in the world we live in. 

Locally, in NY, the former Mental Health Association is now @vibrantforall, and here inspire and help professionally. Always seek help if you need it, or support others if you can, because you are not alone.

“Let’s change the conversation about mental health.”

Active Minds

Active Minds is a nationwide organization, and it might exist on your US college campus for you to join, whether you struggle with mental health or not– it is a social justice issue that requires all of us to listen, engage and participate. Find your circle, and join the conversation in order to change it.

All the creatives and professionals behind these accounts seek to unite us in places and times where we feel alone. We all have different needs, so whether you choose to follow, all of them, one, or none, simply know they exist for the day you need a “pick me up,” and continue to take care of yourself and remember to share that love with those around you.

There’s goodness out there, so let’s surround ourselves with it. And after you’ve checked all of these out, when you get the chance, take a second, put down your phone, look around you, and breathe.

A little more inspiration for your mental health on Instagram