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A stoner’s guide to growing your own weed plant at home

About two weeks ago, I wrote about the journey of growing my first weed plant. I was so excited for the sprout, to not have to rely on dealers… until my plant knocked over my balcony and I lost my seed. Already germinated, mind you 🙁

Well, lucky me, I just happened to have an extra seed, so this time will be different. I hope to prevent you from making my mistakes, and help you grow your garden to the high heavens!

Keep in mind, these tips are most relevant for outdoor growing, but all of them should help in parts for your indoor creatures. With that out of the way, here we go…


This is when your seed sprouts open, showing what will be the root. To kickstart this, you just need a paper towel, zip-lock plastic bag, and some water. Hydrogen peroxide (available at any drug store) also helps, but it is not necessary.

To start, fold the paper towel so it fits comfortably in the plastic bag. Preferably, you will fit your folds to the bag’s size. then, place your seed on one side of the paper towel in the middle. Here’s where the water comes in…

If you use hydrogen peroxide, mix about a bottle cap to a medicine cap’s worth into your water, depending on the size of your water container. Then, dab your paper towel so it’s all around damp, but not too soaked. Keep outstanding water or bigger drops.


After following those last steps, write the date of your growth’s start on the bag. You’ll want to keep the bag, seed facing DOWN (this is important), indirect sunlight if possible.

If done like this, you’ll see sprouting anywhere from 1-3 days. In indirect sunlight or artificial light, about 3-5 days can be expected. Dark and warm locations do well for germination indoors but still check on your lil’ buddies daily.


Pot Baby Groot GIF - Pot BabyGroot Baby - Discover & Share GIFs

Once you start to see the little baby roots poke out of the seed, that’s when you know it’s germinated and ready to plant! Be careful removing your seed from the bag, and use tweezers if you can.

In your little dirt pot (or whatever you use. I used an old Ben and Jerry’s carton), poke your finger in the dirt only to your first knuckle.

That depth, about one inch, is about as deep as you should plant. No matter your pot, make sure there are holes in the bottom to allow excess water to drain.


Keep in mind, your plant will only grow as big as the container’s size will allow, so your first pot likely won’t be your last. I got myself a five to seven-gallon pot for when the baby is grown enough and needs a bigger room. Is that what it’s like with kids?

Anyway, make sure in ALL your containers that your dirt is LOOSE. This will help the roots spread through the dirt with ease, allowing your plants to grow healthily! I made this mistake the first time around.

Finally, I hope you avoid placing your plant on an unstable perch. Make sure to put your pot somewhere stable and sturdy (if not in the ground), so that no wind can knock it over. I placed mine on the corner of my balcony’s guard rails, which worked for a while, until one gust of wind took my baby away…

Now, get out there and grow like your mother (nature) told ya!