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A spirit on ‘Ghost Adventures’ flamed Post Malone for looking wild dusty

Someone pass Post Malone a wash rag because his musty odor is so bad that even a dead person can smell it.

In Saturday’s episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, Malone accompanied apparition trappers Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley as they entered an abandoned slaughterhouse in Tucson.

Post has been a huge fan of Ghost Adventures since childhood and upon meeting the show’s hosts he appeared to be very shook. To make him even more scared he was told that an entity in the slaughterhouse is attracted to blood.

As Post and the team entered the building they all felt a very strange energy, catching bone chilling goosebumps from even the slightest movement.

The paranormal events that took place during Post’s visit were very sus. Doors slammed behind him, unannounced thuds sent shivers up his stinky spine, and his thick neck seemed to have been clenched by ghostly fingers.

When It Hits Post Malone GIF by First We Feast: Hot Ones - Find & Share on GIPHY

That’s not all. The ghost hunters were able to translate electronic voice phenomena using a handheld speaker box.

In other words, they were able to hear what a spirit was saying in answer to one of Post’s or the show’s hosts questions because of hotboy equipment. “So believable.”

What was said will only prove that Post Malone smells like he looks. In fact, my mans is so musty that the ghost was afraid of him.

The talking EVP device decoded a lurking spirit’s answer to Tolley’s question, ‘Can you tell me something about this man, who’s sitting on the desk?’ That man sitting on the desk was the “Rockstar” rapper.

The ghost hunters claim that the undead replied “DIRTY” and was pointing towards Post. Soon after the hilarious response the ghost also said “AFRAID.”

Most would think that the ‘afraid’ response was describing Post’s feeling of terror at the time but we think differently. By putting all of the clues together we’ve discovered that the ghost was actually afraid of Post’s dirtiness.

Even Post agrees. He later ended up admitting to his renk must saying, “I do smell.” If you don’t believe me watch the whole episode for yourself. The ghosts claimed that Post is dirty around 26:30.

You really can’t make this stuff up.