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A higher level of love: Here’s your 2020 Valentine’s Day gift guide

As Valentine’s Day approaches those of us looking to celebrate with a partner panic about what to get them. Still, those of us who are single may look to use the day as a self-love day alone or with friends.

Either way, you’ll probably need a gift guide to get you through the love holiday. Peep our Valentine’s Day gift guide list for some inspo.

Love-Cut: The Heart Shape Diamond Gift

People say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Love-Cut is more than a sparkly companion. They say half of art is the amount of effort, love and time put into creating it.

For this, love-cut is a work of art, crafted with meaning into its heart shape. The diamond comes in small 0.08 Carat to an extra-large 0.5 Carat and is currently on sale with stacked price points. Sometimes the gift of luxury is the perfect symbolism for devotion.

Valentine's day gift guide 5

Edible Cannabis-Infused Lube

The easiest product to get for sexy times is lube. A staple in many sexual activities, it seeks to provide comfort and “easy-going fun.” The perfect intro for hemp or cannabis-infused lube.

Many of these lubricants only give you a light sense of relaxation when used and rarely get you high unless of course, they’re also ingestible.

Velvet Swing is one of those lubes that you can use topically as well as ingest safely. Either way, you’re in for some great valentine’s activities.

Valentine's day gift guide 4

Poplar V-day Bundles

Wanna go all out, but don’t know what to get? Maybe a curated bundle is what you need.

On Poplar, the price points are leveled and with titles like “We just started dating,” “It may be serious” or even “I hope we have (more) babies together” you have clear choices.

Each bundle has at least two to three items, whether they’re edibles, candles, lube or a joint holder necklace.

Valentine's day gift guide 3


Some might say, what’s valentine’s day without the chocolate?

Chocolate makes everything better, whether you’re sharing or bingeing. Since it’s still winter most places, you could always go for some Mexican hot chocolate.

Or add a lil something to that rich chocolate flavor craving and let these kiva bars take you higher.

Valentine's day gift guide 1

Self-care day

Self-care should be a regular occurrence but if you want to show extra love to yourself or your partner on the day of the valentine so be it.

Why not get some hemp-infused everything to go along with that skincare routine. Put on some Savage X Fenty, light some candles, smoke a blunt or drink some wine (or both) and sink into the relaxation only hemp-infused face masks can give you.

Some CBD infused oils never hurt either. You can get the SERENE HOUSE Ranger Essential Oil Diffuser for the low at Urban Outfitters.

Valentine's day gift guide 2