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A brief history of everyone thirsting to collaborate with Queen Cardi B

It’s no secret that Cardi B is the queen of the rap game, so it makes sense that everyone is tripping over themselves trying to collaborate with the “WAP” artist.

I suppose the only surprising thing is the scope of the people who want to collaborate with Cardi, including Kylie Jenner, music legends, astronauts (?), and designer fashion labels.

Cardi already has a grip of wild collaborations under her belt; a shoe line with Steve Madden and songs with with Bruno Mars, Migos, 21 Savage, and G-Eazy.

Judging by everyone clamoring to work with Cardi and rumored collabs, shit is not slowing down anytime soon for BX’s finest.

Here’s a selection of artists and random celebrities thirsting over Cardi B.

George Clinton

Funk legend and Parliament-Funkadelic frontman George Clinton made his love for Cardi B clear in a Reddit AMA yesterday.

Clinton was asked what current music he’s fucking with and while conceding that he’s listening to a lot of ATL “trap shit,” Clinton also made his desire to work with Cardi clear.

Clinton said,

“Flying Lotus, Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z’s new album, Tra’Zae, and all that shit coming out of Atlanta. All that trap shit. I’m trapped in it… I’d like to work with Cardi B. She’s got the funk.”

Cardi most definitely has the funk. Any Clinton/Cardi B collaboration might just be the wildest shit possible.

Astronaut Scott Kelly

So, retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space and upon returning from the great unknown expanse, he was just trying to work with Cardi B.

Kelly had some trouble walking and reorienting himself to terrestrial life once he returned to Earth, but we can confirm that Kelly was thinking very clearly when he tweeted his desire to collab with Cardi.

Although he deleted the tweets, the internet doesn’t forget. Regardless, we can’t be sending Cardi B, Earth’s most prized asset, to space anytime soon. We need her right here.


This fall, a sound engineer by the name of Ashby the Mix Engineer posted a picture of an apparent Cardi B/Beyonce collaboration and everyone lost their shit.

Cardi has since addressed the rumors of working with Bey and put any speculation to bed,

“I don’t even know where did that rumor… people are crazy. People start rumors and do things.”

Yes, we do things because a Cardi B and Beyonce collaboration might just shut down the whole planet, I guess in that case Scott Kelly might come in handy.

This has to happen.

G Herbo

The Chi-Town rapper G Herbo told Ivy of Dopeness’ “The Plug” that he’s certainly fucking with Cardi’s movement and would love to work with her in the future,

“I fuckk with Cardi. I just did an interview where someone was asking me about Cardi. I like Cardi. Everything she doing I fuck with it… I fuck with her. Yeah, I’ll do [a collab with Cardi]. I’ll definitely fuck with Cardi.”

While a G Herbo and Cardi B collaboration sounds kind of incongruous, Cardi’s songs with trap rappers like 21 Savage and Migos prove she can kind of do whatever the hell she wants.

We’d fuck with this.


Oakland songstress Kehlani addressed the possibility of working with Cardi B in an interview with Zane Lowe in which the Beats 1 radio host implied they could be the “new Throne.”

“I’m down, let’s do it,” responded Kehlani. She went on to gush about Cardi killing it right now:

“Nobody can deny it anymore. Every hater, I’m sure, that has ever hated on Cardi B, knows all the words to ‘Bodak Yellow.’ That’s guaranteed. Nobody can shake that. I’m the biggest Cardi B fan.”

It looks like this has actually come to fruition as Cardi B told Billboard that she and Kehlani are indeed working on something together:

“Oh, there’s something…we’ve been working on that,” she says. “Yes, it’s so beautiful… Well, I haven’t finished it, but I heard something and I was like, ‘Oh, Kehlani! I love her.’ She’s such a sweetie. Definitely.”

Need to hear this ASAP.


SZA and Cardi B were two of the biggest artists of 2017, it only makes sense that they’d make some fire together.

After Cardi shouted out SZA playing “Bodak Yellow” while on tour, SZA was quick to say they needed to get in the booth.

A Cardi x SZA track might be too much for us to handle.

Need a glass of water.