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8 Timberland collabs to help you survive the brick weather

From working-class origins to becoming fashion essentials, the Timberland 6-inch boot has thrived over the years (especially in NYC where they are the most revered).

What started in 1976 as a piece for blue-collar workers has become a fashion statement. Even fashion icons like Kanye West and Rihanna would agree that the Timberland boots are a must.

But, how did a work-centric garment became such a stylish piece?

During the ’80s the Timberland boots began to slowly emerge in the fashion industry. Italian boutiques stocking the American worker boots and the rest of the European markets quickly followed. But then in the ’90s sales skyrocketed and the reason was because of hip-hop.

Naturally, Timberland boots became a fashion staple, with rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, and Tupac rocking them. Now rappers like A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$ and Kendrick Lamar are carrying on the tradition.

But to remain relevant in today’s fashion climate, there is one thing that has been keeping the brand fresh: collaborations. Here are some of the best Timbs to help you during those brick winter months.

SUPREME x Timberland

It is not the first time that Supreme has collaborated with Timberland boots.

On a number of occasions, the Supreme-ified versions of beloved Timberland boots have found new ways to break ground.

Following Supreme’s massive 2 billion dollar deal, the legendary brands reworked the versions of the beloved waterproof 6-inch boot.

The Supreme x Timberland collaboration dropped on Supreme’s website on November 12.

With unique colorways, a timberland logo at the heel, and big Supreme logo text on the other side. It is made from premium Nubuck upper reinforced by a rugged triple stitching seam-sealed construction.

Desus & Mero

The late-night kings, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero also created their own version of the Timberland boots earlier this month.

Desus and Mero have become highly celebrated media personalities in recent years. After gaining popularity for their Bodega Boys podcast, they took their to TV. Their late-night show Desus and Mero was nominated for Besta Talk Show by the Critics Choice Awards.

But most importantly, they are from New York (the Bronx to be exact) where Timbs are part of the daily uniform.

Their collaboration with the Timberland boots took a spin-off of the boot’s traditional aesthetic. They deliver two different looks, both using graffiti-like graphics on the side of the boots.

Chinatown Market

Streetwear brand Chinatown Market, known best for its many diverse collaborations, has also teamed up with Timberland.

This time, however, they created an unconventional product. Instead of using the traditional Timberland waterproof 6-inch boot, Timberland X Chinatown market remodeled the 3-eye heavy lug boat shoe.

Inspired by nature, the brands presented a hand-sewn collaboration. The leathers are inspired by the powerful animals of the savannah.


As if it wasn’t already clear that Timberland boots are of the highest quality to face the elements, the high-performance product brand, GORE-TEX, also collaborated with them to take it to the next level.

Like many other collaborations, they remodeled the Timberland waterproof 6-inch boot in their own way, implementing their technologies to make it even more suitable for extreme weather.

The boot is now even more fitted for hiking in the snow and other extreme weather activities. Not to mention that they can still be used comfortably as the traditional ones.

These boots also bear the GORE-TEX logo on the side, have a fine colored rubber line right above the sole, and are presented in different dark colors such as black, dark green, and navy blue.


The NBA has already conquered the world of sneakers, so of course, they had to collaborate with Timberland to start taking over the boot game too.

These boots come in different styles showcasing all 30 NBA teams in different parts of the boot.

This collab has been going on for years now but they are also coming out with new colorways and designs.

On some occasions that brands have even gone as far as to represent specific teams using their colors and their logos.


Although it’s not an official collaboration, PHNTHM is an artist who left his mark in the Timberland world.

One of PHNTM’s latest masterpieces is the waterproof 6-inch Timberland boots. Like with all of this design, he covers the original yellow Timberland boots with colors and freestyle designs. Delivering a one-of-a-kind pair of classic Timberland boots, found on Etsy.

Spongbob Squarepants

Enough about all of these other brands!

Timberland boots are so creatively universal that even Spongebob Squarepants has dropped a collaboration with it.

The Dodger blue-colored Timberland boot first released in September 2019 as a limited edition product. The resale price has gone up to $400 since.

The list goes on and on

From Stussy to Jimmy Choo, Timberland has collaborated with all types of brands.

In 2015 Timberland collaborated with Men’s Bee Line; offering a sophisticated look to the classic, yellow 6-inch boot. The sole of the shoe changed and offered different earthy colors such as navy, blue, and green.

In 2017 they also collaborated with Virgil Abloh’s brand, Off-White. The shoe was covered in velvet cloth with the iconic Off-White tag.

From starting out as work boots to becoming a part of the hip-hop lifestyle, Timberlands are not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s a timeless piece of fashion and collaborations like these only breathe new life into the brand.