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8 things racists hate that you should never stop doing

One of my favorite things to do is make racists feel uncomfortable.

I’ve noticed a horrible habit in which minorities go above and beyond to prove to racists that they aren’t who they’re perceived to be.

Oftentimes this requires losing a sense of self in order to gain some sort of respect. But the jig is you won’t earn any true respect because racism still prevails despite your efforts.

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So, the solution? Stop looking for their approval. Racists don’t want to see us win. They don’t want to see us excel. The greatest way to defeat them is to do everything that positively affects us while not considering their opinion whatsoever.

This list could basically be endless, but here are 9 things that racists never want to see you do that you should never stop doing.

Having pride

Shout out to the activists like Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, and Assata Shakur for being so proud to be black that they didn’t care what it would cost them.

In 2018 it’s still a struggle to have pride in being black when there’s so much against us. We’re taught to desire anything but black culture until it’s appropriated.

Racist people find it offensive when you appreciate your culture as part of your self-worth.

It’s kind of like when that bully in elementary school got frustrated that he couldn’t tease you about being a nerd, because your reaction would just be “yeah I’m smart, you mad?”

Turning the other cheek

Please see below.

Sike, the real answer is standing up for yourself

The stereotypes about us weren’t created just to humiliate us — they were made to control us.

We’ve been brainwashed into behaving in ways that dispute the labels we’re given, just to avoid confirming what racists are going to think of us regardless.

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So many black women feel the need to bite their tongue rather than speak up for themselves in the workplace because they don’t want to seem angry. I say fuck that.

Seeking truth

Much of American history that’s taught in elementary school is pretty much bullshit.

Nearly everything kids learn about Christopher Columbus is a lie, and they even have the nerve to refer to African slaves as “workers”.

You’d think the lies would stop at the elementary school level since children are too young to understand when they’re being duped.

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But, unfortunately, we’re constantly being deceived by cable news and the likes of our own president.

It takes a bit of extra work to double check sources and stay up on what’s going on in the world. But it’s extremely important that we do so. Otherwise, we’ll simply be sheep.

Uniting with each other

There is power in unity. If everyone who is subjected to any form of discrimination and/or dehumanization were to support each other’s cause and truly empathize with each other’s struggle, it would be much easier for us to force real change.

Calling out injustice

Police brutality is nothing new but we can’t accept it as normal just because it’s been going on for years. It would be so much easier for them if we all swept these cases under the rug.

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Screaming Black Lives Matter makes a racist’s skin crawl. In the words of DJ Khaled, they don’t want you to think you matter.

Supporting black businesses

Not only does this create more jobs for our people but it benefits the black community as a whole.

Keeping profits within these communities allows us to maintain power over the well-being of ourselves and our neighborhoods.

Knowing your worth

Never settle for less because society brainwashes us to believe we don’t deserve as much as anyone else.

We have to work twice as hard to earn a seat at the table, but don’t allow yourself to be discouraged. If we continue to accept the cards we’re dealt we will never grow as a unit, and that is exactly what they want.

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I know all of these actions don’t necessarily make life any easier for us. Not yet, at least. It’s much safer to fall in line and not rock the boat, but then what do you gain from that? Who wants to live a “safe” life without any true freedom?

Even still, we are never truly safe as long as we’re being killed by police just because of the color of our skin.

The best way to defeat a racist is to live being your best self by your definition, not theirs. Racism may be alive but we will not let it win.