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8 Rihanna quotes that show you how to handle success like a boss

I’m gonna go ahead and say that Rihanna is the baddest bitch on the planet. Straight up.

Now that we got that out the way, I would also like to say that she definitely ain’t f*cking with no broke boys and I got no chance. I’m sick. Anyways, when it comes to true bosses in the game it’s hard to argue that Rihanna ain’t really at the top, male or female. Seriously, which chick (or dude) do you know that doesn’t f*ck with her?

The brand is stupid strong as the former island girl is out here running shit worldwide.

Not many people would’ve guessed that she’d be the next iconic artist of her generation. Countless platinum records and sold out tours later, she’s literally the biggest female star in the world and doesn’t have to take shit from anybody.

Of course with all this success comes many challenges. Rihanna got played by her accountant recently for and had to sue her. Kendrick even called her out on the track “FEAR.” Rihanna eventually won her $10 million settlement but deadass went bankrupt at one point. Just goes to show you you can’t trust anyone once reach the top.

Here’s more vital lessons on life and how to handle success from RiRi herself.

Name one genius who ain’t crazy. Shout out for the cliché, Kanye, but really think about it. Rihanna says she’s crazy, but in reality she’s just the furthest thing from basic.

Really not caring WTF people think about her is one of the things that makes her one of a kind. You might see pics of her on vacation smoking fat ass blunts to the face or posing with her titties out in a magazine, she’s on some rockstar shit.

You already know Rihanna is gonna do her, regardless of what the haters say. Staying true to yourself is always the first step you need to take in order to become successful. Sure you can sell out and lie to yourself but those who can make other people respect their crazy are the realest.

Rihanna is only 29 and she’s already conquered the world. So what could she possibly do next? Well, whatever the hell she wants to do.

Whether it’s starring in movie roles or just pulling up to events all over the world, you aren’t even gonna hear that Ri is taking a break or going reclusive. She’s really out here living her best life and surprising us with her next moves. Why you not doing the same?

How far has Rihanna come since she first broke out with that “Pon De Replay” shit though? That song might’ve been great for her at the time but we didn’t get to see the real Rihanna until years later.

Now that she’s broken out of her shell, she’s pretty much spitting bars and making hits. Still, there was a point of her career when she had to play the game someone else’s way.

It’s not ever going to be easy to get what you want and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get there. Rihanna faked it when she had to, but once she made it to that level, she didn’t forget who she was and showed the world what was really good.

People always say that learning how to fail is they key to success but that’s only if you get back up, dust yourself off and keep going at it.

What stops most people from ever trying something new or following their instincts is the fear of failure or rejection. They’d rather not even try than to face either of these.

When Rihanna first put herself in the spotlight, it could’ve went one of two ways. Lucky for her, she was fearless and never let any mistake stop her path to greatness. The truth is the less you try, the less you fail. But the more you fail, the more you know.

In an age where girls on Instagram are the thirstiest for attention, showing off their cakes and whatnot, Rihanna is far removed from that type of mindset.

Sure, she shows off her body but it’s not like these lil thotties tryna poke that thang out all the time. She’s gonna get people talking because that’s what they do, but she never lets outside influences dictate what she posts or does.

If you are the type to care about that, however, you a thot. You should know what line not to cross but don’t live your life just thinking about that line.

The main reason people get bored is because they get complacent.

Even Rihanna gets bored with her own success from time to time, but that’s just a sign she’s ready to evolve. Once you start conquering more and more, you realize that everything is pretty much a formula. It’s all about applying that to other things and challenging yourself to do new things.

Once you can master your craft in one area, chances are it will translate to somewhere else and you’ll bring something else to the table. Kinda like Rihanna when she decides to do anything else at all.

Okay, this is some boss shit to say first of all. You know you poppin’ when you tell people that being poppin’ isn’t that poppin’. For Rihanna, she’s really been doing this since 2003.

When you’ve been in the game as long as LeBron, you start to look at it differently. All the experiences she’s had, mistakes she’s made, and money stacked up are just a part of her story and that shit isn’t even done yet. You can’t measure success until you’re at the finish line.

Sure she gets to enjoy what she’s created for herself, but Rihanna doesn’t sit around to think about her success for too long. She’s thinking about her next moves and how she can continue to take over the world.

The pressure of not only being a celebrity but one of the most recognized people on the planet could be too much for most people to handle. Shit I wouldn’t want that!

Most people might think it’s great but realistically you get no privacy, fake people coming at in every direction and the pressure of living up to your million dollar endorsements.

At Rihanna’s level, it’s almost like people want her to fail. But she’s too real for that. She never let any of the shit get to her head. She kept that tunnel vision and now she’s doing whatever the f*ck she wants. You can too if you take control and ownership of your own life.