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8 ratchet Juicy J lyrics that will motivate you to hustle harder

If you’re not a fan of Juicy J’s turnt-up motivational lyrics, you can get to steppin’.

The Three 6 Mafia rapper has inspired hustlers, rappers, and swag stars for nearly three whole decades.

Juicy is untouchable when it comes to spitting the heat. He gives zero fucks about what you think and on every track he attacks he makes sure you understand what it takes to be a true hustler.

No matter the turnt situation he’s in, it doesn’t change a damn thing, Juicy is still getting to that paper.

Today marks a special day in motivational ratchet history. Juicy J drops his highly anticipated mixtape Highly Intoxicated.

With so much hype surrounding the tape, I had to go back and peep Juicy’s fire bars that kept me grinding. You can’t just hop into the heat without the proper protection, this tape finna blow my headphones and burn my ears.

Besides staying fly—y—y—y—y—y—y—y—y till he dies, Juicy J has reminded us to get this paper “Errday.”

You have to know what you’re doing to cop four cribs you, blow money in the strip club, and live next to Kobe Bryant. The more money you spend the more you have to make, errday.

The hustle should never stop.

Juicy is not playing any games when it comes to his money. He makes money all day but he reminds that we have to save that guap too. You save that bread there is no one that can take it away from you.

And you might get to take someone’s girl.

Peep what Juicy had to say in his song “Stop It” off of his album Stay Trippy. 

You can save all you want but if you’re dipping into your rainy day fund it’s looking slow for you. Spending that re-up money can get you killed.

O’s to Oscars was tough. Juicy’s track off of the album, “Re-up Money,” reminds us to be wary of stunting if you don’t really have it. You don’t run shit if you’re broke, especially if you borrowed that ish. Peep.


If the bag there best believe Juicy gon’ be there. On his mixtape, Lit in Ceylon, he let us know on his track “How it Go.” The track really points out that you have to keep them enemies closest.

There are wild fake people out there but don’t let them fool you. Chase your dreams and cop that cash.

Juicy has been stunting for longer than you’ve known your mama. Like he said on DRAM’s track “Gilligan,” he probably even met her back in ’98.

On his album, The Rubba Band Business,  Juicy reminds us that wisdom of your craft will lead to easy success. Peep what he said on “Tryna Fuck” which features TGOD affiliate Ty Dolla $ign and OVO CEO Drizzy.

Let’s keep it real, money equals power. Without it, you can’t really make moves. The money separates the men from the boys. Juicy wants us to realize that without the dough you are a sitting duck.

On “Da Power” off of TGOD Mafia: Rude Awakening which features Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J reminds us why the paper is such an important factor. Peep.

Speaking of money and power, Juicy is the man with the cash and is not afraid to show off his stash. When your balling you have to flex (ON EVERYONE).

What would you do if you had enough cash to swim in? Cop a sailboat. Hannnnn.

Peep what Juicy said on his track “Holy Ghost.” Nothing may be better than being rich, famous and faded.

Juicy can foresee his own future and knows what it takes to succeed. He gets after the money the same way he’s been doing it since he started almost 30 years ago!

Don’t forget the name Juicy J. He’s always getting paid and won’t let one dollar get away. His verse on Mike Will Made It’s “Don’t Trust” will let you know all about that.

Peep this excerpt.

If these spiritual snippets haven’t inspired you be ratchet, get to the money and boss up then clearly you aren’t down with the Juice man.

Get you some money and download Juicy’s Highly Intoxicated. Click Here. 

Shit if you say Juicy’s name three times you might get yourself some paper (results may vary).