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8 of the realest Curren$y quotes that will motivate your hustle

Curren$y is a national treasure in the rap game and should be protected at all costs. Although placed on the 2009 XXL freshman cover the New Orleans-based rapper was signed to Master P’s No Limit Records in 2002 and Baby and Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records in 2004. He’s been out here a minute.

However, it was through his underground hustle after leaving the major labels when Curren$y found himself and the sound that ultimately gained him his loyal fan base.

Instead of adapting to the subject matter of his peers, Spitta embraced his own interests and turned his lifestyle into a rap career. Weed, sneakers, mobster flicks, lowriders, and getting women was the lane of his devotion all which was backed by great production and his patterned relaxed non-stop flow.

But once he mastered the content he didn’t stop there. He began to outwork everyone, ushering himself into the “Most Prolific Rapper of All-Time” conversation by having over 50 projects under his belt.

That toil of pumping out mixtape after mixtape after mixtape got Curren$y signed with Asylum/Warner Bros. Records and securing a label deal for his company Jets International in the signing.

That’s boss shit. Not only did Spitta leave the big leagues, he did it his own way and maintained his integrity in the process.

So I took the liberty of going through just a couple tracks of his prolific discography to find some hints that may reveal how exactly he conducted his hustle. This is what I found.

Coming from New Orleans and not fitting the particular mold for of your typical rapper, if there is anyone that can tell that anything is possible it should be Curren$y the hot spitta.

We’re talking about a rapper who wears jogging pants and basketball shorts the majority of the time and plays with toy cars on his Instagram.

His creed that remaining true to self can still bring forth success is not only evidenced in how he dresses but in his career trajectory as well. It’s easier to hustle and go get it when you’re living as your best possible self as well.

As a lover of mob films, it’s quite natural to hear Curren$y make references to films like Casino, Scarface or, in this case, The Godfather.

Curren$y understands business. It would be impossible for him not to in order to navigate the underground world. Between managing his own label and apparel, it’s imperative to maintain focus, so naturally he’s got little patience for distractions or people who do not match his work ethic. Even when it comes to blood ties.

Next time you’re wondering why you’re not where you want or where you think you ought to be, take a look around and make sure that you have nothing but like-minded soldiers around. Even if that means excluding family.

So many people make it to the top, get some money, then lose focus and stop grinding. Here, Spitta puts us on game and sheds some light on just how his mind works. He goes after the money, gets the money, then plots on securing the next bag.

It’s a non-stop mentality that may be hard at first but can develop into a healthy habit. Have an engine like Curren$y and you’ll find yourself reaping benefits beyond what you’d dreamed.

It’s counterproductive to have anyone on your team who does not share your vision.

To me, when Spitta says paper chasers, he’s not only talking fellow artists or even anyone in his industry per se, but he’s speaking to anyone who does not match his level of ambition.

When you’re on your grind, no matter how hard you try or the level of success you may appear to achieve, you won’t peak unless everyone around is motivating you. And that’s a key to Spitta’s success.

He surrounded himself with hard workers and it pushed him to work hard as well.

Hustling is going to bring success. It’s inevitable. When you plant seeds, eventually they will yield a return. Curren$y is saying when that opportunity comes, stick to the vision and do not falter for offers that even remotely deviate you from your dream.

Curren$y knows this first hand. As someone who was signed to a major label, worked the underground circuit, then resurfaced when he found the right deal for him, take it from Spitta, you can pave your own lane.

Curren$y is one of the least flashy paid rappers in the game. Between his revamped old school whips and his Ferraris, he does not move like someone who can afford these purchases, but that’s because he also knows about investing and stacking.

In an age of the (often fake) stunt and the flex (ask Shad Moss), take it from Curren$y that your hustle should involve stacking for rainy days.

This is Curren$y’s gangster way of saying everything that sparkles isn’t gold, and the concept is still brilliant.

Whether it’s labels, sponsors, or even features, your hustle should be calculated and should lack compromise.

You cannot amass the loyal following that the Jet Life leader has without jumping on every perceived plane. Be wise in your “yes’s” as well as your “no’s”.

Know your worth. When you put in the work, no one besides you can tell you what you deserve.

Curren$y believes in himself as a rapper, and even more as a businessman, and decided to take matters in his own hand. For you that could mean quitting your job and creating your own platform, or demanding a raise.

Whatever it may be, make sure you keep your value in mind at all times. It’s how you protect your hustle.