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8 NFL players who grind even harder in the offseason

The NFL offseason is well underway, but for many of the league’s biggest stars, the grind truly never stops.

Gone are the days when professional athletes would stop their work in the offseason, the modern day athlete has to maintain peak physical shape year round.

And yes, Odell is still wiling out, but then he’s also popping off with his personal trainer, staying ahead of the competition while still enjoying himself.

Team OTAs were a month ago and the NFL preseason begins in less than a month (somehow). I have no idea how we’re already on the cusp of another NFL season, but the biggest and best stars in the NFL are staying at peak physical condition during the summer.

Whether it’s Marshawn Lynch working out on the beach in boots or Aaron Donald working on his agility, no matter the position or how many years they’ve played in the league, these ballers have to maintain that edge.

J.J. Watt is probably somewhere in the woods lifting trees and shit, but we’re not going to give his corny self any credit.

If you’re looking for a way to get in ridiculous shape and get that agility up, you might just want to adopt some of these workouts. Good luck, though