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8 LeBron quotes that will motivate you to grind like a champion

LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet, even beyond the court he’s pretty much a superhero.

The dude has been in the spotlight since he was in high school, was handed millions of dollars when he was just 18 and has been the same kid from Akron ever since.

A lot of other athletes wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and perform at the highest level like this man but that just goes to show you LeBron is truly one of one.

Seriously though, this dude never had any off-the-court drama or embarrassed his wife like so many of his peers (that’s not a shot at Melo, chill out).

With an estimated net worth of around $275 million according to Forbes, the King James brand is way too brolic. The scary part is that he has no signs of slowing down and is still chasing greatness everyday like he’s a rookie all over again.

With six consecutive NBA Finals appearances under his belt, LeBron has become this generation’s greatest athlete so where does someone who’s accomplished it all have to go from here? Even higher.

Here are 8 LeBron quotes that show you the mindset of a champion.

LeBron quotes

LeBron James was born a winner but don’t forget how many cracks it took him to finally get his first ring. Failures are measured differently for all of us but one thing that remains consistent is that they are absolutely necessary to grow.

The mentality of not giving up and being persistent with your goals day in and day out is the most important key to success. Having a fearless mindset and believing in what you’re working towards is what separates those who talk rather than walk.

LeBron quotes

Do you know how many minutes of basketball LeBron has logged since entering the league in 2003? According to Basketball Reference, he’s up to nearly 60,000 in over 1,061 games played in his career playing against the very best.

So what really motivates a player like LeBron when they’ve reached his superstar status? They approach the game like it’s the very first time they picked up a ball every time. While he realistically has another 10 (or more) years left of solid basketball left in him, he plays like this could be his very last time.

Keeping that hunger in you with something you’ve been doing for such a long time isn’t the easiest thing to do. Then again, being paid millions of dollars to do it helps.

LeBron quotes

There’s a difference between talking shit from the bench and actually being in the game. Unfortunately, not many people can tell the differences in their lives, but LeBron is a prime example of not only being in the game, but being the best.

No matter if it’s basketball, business or being an artist, once you finally do reach a certain level of success, you will encounter many haters along the way. But all you have to do is stay focused and take a look at the bigger picture.

Some people really ain’t shit and that’s their problem. Make sure your squad is on point because you’re only as strong as your weakest teammate.

LeBron quotes

It’s one thing to pay no attention to these haters and let shit slide but if you can actually channel the criticism into becoming better, then you’ve reached some LeBron levels of championship mentality.

Once you can develop thick skin and not let those little petty things bother you then no one has control over you anymore and nothing can stop you. It’s one of the hardest things to do but just be on some Bruce Lee shit and control ya emotions.

LeBron quotes

Knowing when to let loose and roast people from time to time is all just human nature. But never letting it get past a certain point and keeping that laser focus in any situation is something LeBron has mastered.

You see the way this dude interacts with his teammates, coaching staff and family. He’s in full control and understands that it ain’t always that serious. At the same time, he keeps shit into perspective and always remembers why he joined the league: to get these rings.

LeBron quotes

LeBron knows that at this level of status, he’s so important to his teammates and the success they’re trying to achieve, but he’s also a role model to a lot of kids everywhere. His maturity on and off the court is admirable and you’ll literally never see LeBron try to get into these tussles.

For one, he could easily wash anybody in the league today, and for another he’s just too damn focused and what he’s really here to do. Leave that childish shit to these babies.

LeBron quotes

LeBron knows how to enjoy his life but at the same time he has consistently stayed as humble as someone with that bank account and success could be.

He’s one of the most marketable players in the NBA and that’s because he always stayed true to himself. He’s also been exposed to just about everything since he was just a teenager and he’s handled it with grace.

When people don’t know how to act like they’ve been there before then they probably just won’t ever be there again.

LeBron quotes

So how does this man do it? After all, he is just a kid from Akron.

Having that much pressure on you at such a young age is something that only people like LeBron and Michael Jackson know about. But to not crumble under all of that and truly become one of the greatest is something that he doesn’t get enough credit for.

LeBron is chasing his greatness and while his shit is a little extra, we should all take a page from LeBron’s book, no matter what we’re trying to reach. When you not only think like a champion, but work like one too, you might fuck around and find your greatness.