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8 brazy NBA 2K mods that take the game to a whole other level

NBA 2K18 is out and to be honest it’s the same damn game.

Major props to 2K Sports though for innovating with features like the 2KTV, classic teams and this year’s Run The Neighborhood mode but realistically if you want a new user experience, you may need to spice it up by using some slight hacking.

NBA 2K mods are an insane way to get shit poppin’ and pretty much anything is possible when it comes to putting your favorite NBA players in compromising positions.

Just look what Bleacher Report did with #HoodieMelo. Shit is genius and who wouldn’t want to play the same damn game they’ve been playing with a little tweak like this?

Hoodie Melo is coming. 👀 (via @bleacherreport, cc: @cbrickley603)

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Over the years, we’ve seen epic mods and collabs that make the game exactly what it should be — a video game. People getting too caught up with the realism and it being a simulation forgot what video games are supposed to be.

Who doesn’t wanna play in some David vs. Goliath situation where Steph Curry is 1-foot tall or use Space Jam characters? Realistically I’m tryna play with Obama so someone holla at me with that.

I have no idea how these gamers are able to do mods like these but maybe 2K should hire some of them! It doesn’t really hurt the actual gameplay and this way we can play with the entire Ball family NOW.

At the end of the day, if you’re smoking a gram Backwood to the face and playing 2K tonight just like half of America (shouts out to you), then figure out how to get some mods poppin’ and take your game to the next level.