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7-time champion: An exploration into the GOAT Brady through photography

There is no greater way to investigate a person than through photography, and this rule rings true for Tom Brady as it does for anyone else. Winning his seventh Super Bowl ring in 2021, and appearing in his tenth Super Bowl, puts Brady in a league of his own.

Personally, I think the craziest stat that proves how great Tom Brady is, is the fact that he has been in 18 percent of all the Super Bowls that have ever been played. Not to mention he has won 13 percent of all Super Bowls

We wanted to look at Tom Brady and his Super Bowl appearances through photos, but quickly realized the difficulty of such a feat, because he has been in so many.

So instead, we dove into Tom Brady’s illustrious career through the photographs of just his Super Bowl wins. And boy are they captivating. Enjoy.

Super Bowl XXXVI – New England defeats St. Louis, 20-17

Tom Brady burst onto the NFL stage in 2001 when he relieved an injured Drew Bledsoe and then never let go of the starting job. Brady led the Patriots to their first championship that season. (Cred: JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF/FILE)

In what has become a Tom Brady classic, the hands-on-head shocked look from the GOAT made its first appearance in Super Bowl 36.

In Super Bowl 36,Tom Brady led the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win, and this photograph shows his sheer joy. 

Brady and the Patriots shocked the world by beating the St. Louis Rams, a feeling that the NFL would continue to feel throughout the next 20 years as Brady stacked his rings.

Super Bowl XXXVIII – New England defeats Carolina, 32-29

(Photo cred via AP Images)

No, this is not the same picture as the one above, but it is another time where the Tom Brady classic appeared.

In Super Bowl 38, Tom Brady won another close game and helped secure the Patriots’ second Super Bowl Championship in three years. 

The photography of GOAT Brady as his rings piled up only got better throughout the years.

Super Bowl XXXIX – New England defeats Philadelphia, 24-21


Tom Brady led the 14-2 Patriots against the 13-3 Philadelphia Eagles in 2004. In a game that was close all the way, it came down to some clutch defensive plays at the end.

But Brady was not too shabby himself. He completed 23 of 33 passes, for 236 yards. 

Not to mention, Tom Brady led the Patriots to two straight Super Bowl wins, and three in four seasons.

This beautiful photograph of the GOAT shows how real it felt for Brady as he accomplished such a historic task, and early in his career at that.

Super Bowl XLIX – New England defeats Seattle, 28-24

AP Images/Invision

The two hands up, with the Lombardi Trophy in GOAT Tom Brady’s left hand, proved to the world that the Patriots were back on top!

A 10-year drought came to an end when Tom Brady threw for 328 years to beat the Seahawks.

Now, of course, the memorable moment from this game is when the Seahawks decided to throw for a touchdown instead of run, which ultimately led to a Malcolm Butler interception that sealed the deal for the Pats. 

Super Bowl LI – New England defeats Atlanta, 34-28

Tom Brady, jubilant. KEVIN C. COX/GETTY IMAGES

This photo of Tom Brady captures it all.

The emotion in this picture of Brady winning another ring is apparent. In a game that seemed sealed at halftime, it was actually anything but that.

Another picture that became famous from this Super Bowl, is the screenshot of the scoreboard with 2:12 left in the 3rd quarter, where the Patriots were losing 28-3. 

The Patriots ended up winning the game 35-28. It became clear that impossible is always possible when you have Tom Brady at the helm, and he won another ring to stack five on his hand.

Super Bowl LIII – New England defeats Los Angeles, 13-3

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Super Bowl 53 was probably the easiest championship for Mr. Brady, which is certainly portrayed in this photo. You can just see how easy it came to him, he looks so relaxed, like he’s saying “yep, I did it again.”

This was the final Super Bowl Tom Brady won with the Patriots, totaling 6 championships during his 20 seasons with New England.

Super Bowl LIII – New England defeats Kansas City, 31-9

Brady celebrates after the win. Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports

Yep, he did it again. Tom Brady won his 7th Super Bowl ring, in a game where many expected the young gun, Patrick Mahomes to take the torch once and for all from the king.

However, that did not happen, and Tom Brady made clear that it may not happen next year either. As he said in his postgame interview:

“We’re coming back.”

Tom Brady

Photography of Tom Brady winning should inspire all of us to be greater

No matter what he does in the rest of his career, it is clear Tom Brady is the GOAT. Seven rings are unheard of, especially as the star of the team in all years.

This photography of Tom Brady immediately after winning shows us the unadulterated joy on the face of a champion. And still, it only inspires him to want to win more.