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7 summertime anthems to vibe out to before it gets brick outside

Ah, summer. We love it, some even hate it. Regardless, this sultry season gives us the perfect excuse to either build relationships, act up, or kick our feet in the sand. 

Despite the risen temperature being out of anyone’s control, this summer has left us in charge of a couple of things and one is to pick the perfect summer anthem. If one were to be given the aux in this particular month, they’re expected to “keep up with that same energy” just like the sun.

Sadly not a lot have the means to search for the perfect tune all day. And so, nine times out of ten they’ll put on the same songs they’ve grown accustomed to. Luckily enough, Kulture Hub has got the heat.

These songs are enough to throw up some fire emojis! Before its time to turn over a new leaf, I’ve specifically picked seven summer packed jams that are sure to make even the coldest emcee in the game sweat.

1. Some “Summertime Magic” for your sunkissed shawty 

As the summer settles in, this song goes on to be a prime example of why we enjoy those nostalgic moments spent with a sun-kissed shawty. The title “Summertime Magic” alone informs those listening closely that the beat will go off in the hottest way.

From Childish Gambino’s soft crooning to his vocal runs of “do love me, do love me, do” to the infectious bongo and erupting base — it’s sure to have anyone sprung before cuffing season hits!

“Summertime Magic” is only a snippet of the many vibes Gambino has created. In fact, if you haven’t checked out his song “Feels Like Summer” I suggest you do, it’ll surely crank up the heat!

2. We all need some “Virgo” energy

The type of joint you’d play with the sunroof down, “Virgo” is prone to make anyone’s head peep out of the clouds. In particular, Rejjie Snow’s monotoned spitting gives every synth and trumpet leeway to scatter around the base.  Still, the listen is very enjoyable because of its feel-good vibe.

Keeping up with the upbeat tempo, he collaborates with Pell who lays out some bubbly, strong vocal runs in the chorus. Anyone that’s linked up before with a partner-in-crime knows what it’s like to cause some havoc and these do just that!

From their undeniable chemistry to the interspersing soundscape, “Virgo” is very playable for your mama and baby brother. Prepare to sing at the top of your lungs. As the neighbors scream to “keep it down,” the roof shingles will continue to rise. 

3. Don’t we all “Belong In The Sun”

A day on the sand (or yacht) just wouldn’t be complete without “Belong In The Sun.” This song displays everything a warm, sunny day should consist of: Cool and collected waves with slick talk.

Yet the deciding factor on genre derives from the lightly strung guitar chords, ukulele, and drums. At most, this song takes bossa nova head-on while throwing in some smooth rhymes from ¿Téo?.

This song is guaranteed to swim down your ear canal with its many exceptional transitions. Here, he speaks about a little shawty who he wants as his own. The most memorable line:

“I said hey baby, human nature, we in danger/Need angels like you to step up and switch up the angles.”

4. If it’s fu*king up your vibe “Don’t Do It” 

“Don’t Do It” sounds similar to Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life” except it’s more bosa nova rather than R&B and has funky guitar riffs. Mid-tempo, it speeds up a bit more with more drums and amplified energy while Pharrell Williams demands with his crooning to “Don’t do it, don’t don’t do it.”

Its message is far from care-free and speaks on police killing unarmed African Americans. However, N.E.R.D makes one feel like they’re walking on sunshine from start to end.

Afterward, Kendrick Lamar comes in with enough entendres and punchlines to knock the sugar out of your ice tea! If you’re looking to stay woke in a literal and figurative sense, this is the song for you.

5. Bring that summer love back like a “Boomerang”

It may have started with champagne and jokes for Jidenna and his lady, but the song in particular rides out with a faint whisper, “don’t come near me” then xylophone riffs, hi-hats, scattered trumpets, and a bongo drum.

Not only is Jidenna’s delivery naturally fluid and mesmerizing, but it’s backed up with a proclamation of love that’s never-ending. Essentially “Boomerang” speaks on normal quarrels shared between two lovers. He refers to their relationship pattern as a “boomerang” because no matter what he will always come back.

6. Keep those hips in “Check” 

“Check” adds a clever twist to Craig David’s song “7 Days” by speeding up it’s the tempo and adding a little more bounce to the rhythm. This song is guaranteed to keep your hips swaying along to the beat and Raye’s airy vocals make a cool contact with those who’ve been sweating from a night of winding.

Alongside, KOJO’s spits out some commanding rhymes just to show that he plays no games when it comes to what he wants. For the dancehall culture, these two add flavor to your ears by defying the common quota of the genre with R&B and hip-hop.

This song ultimately speaks on two people who are vibing with each other and want to make it official.

7. Jam out with your “Tribe”

Sure to warm your soul, Bas and J.Cole go verse for verse about the reason for their smiles, which is a special lady. With minimal effort, Bas interchanges his flow in the midst of speaking from the heart.

Likewise, J.Cole uses a catchy sing-song phrase before going on about how he questioned if life would get better. He was even ready to go off on certain individuals until she showed up.

“I’m a pit bull, but for you I be on chain tied up.”

The beat makes sure to take in some sun rays for itself and uses batá drums, maracas, hi-hats, and mellow synths.