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7 organizations making sure kids have the summer they deserve

Kids have been deprived of the interactive and carefree nature of maturation for the better part of a year, but certain organizations are working to make sure kids can dream, learn, and grow again this summer. Nonprofits for kids often make the biggest difference in their lives, especially as the kids get older.

This summer, it is all about the kiddos and how they can have a blast! Organizations that work to give kids a brighter summer and thus, a brighter future, can make all the difference. Let’s scope out some of the most vibrant organizations making a difference for kids everywhere this summer. 

VoyceNow amplifies with consistent progression

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Awareness is important, enactment even moreso (via VoyceNow)

VoyceNow Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is directly tied to the Boys and Girls Club of America. The nonprofit foundation prides itself on its ability to raise awareness about equality, justice, diversity, and inclusion, and that is no less important than ever for kids this summer.

As a cataclysmic force, VoyceNow rallies fans, supporters, change-makers and playmakers to effectuate change in the areas seen fit.

Youth Build shows that the alternative is completely acceptable

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YB is quite literally constructing brighter tomorrows (via YouthBuild USA)

Youth Build USA encourages the notion of tapping into your creative potential. They do not necessarily recommend nontraditional routes rather they embrace those who might have different circumstances.

Those people who might not feel as if college is for them or may have unique situations can learn a trade, complete education and learn vital job skills that will help them down the road. 

BBBS serves as a staple in any community

BBBS is that older sibling and guiding beacon that individuals always yearn for (via BBBS)

Big Brothers & Big Sisters stands on firm ground as one of the most reputable national organizations dedicated to children and community.

Exclusions do not occur here and youngsters can learn so many valuable lessons about how to interact, engage and utilize their gift to the fullest potential.

Invaluable life lessons are taught at this organization for kids this summer

Bigger than Basketball – Stefan Thompson the coach of Hobart College Hoops is definitely up to something! This man worked tirelessly to bring the best record over a span of four years that the program has ever seen.

Now, he is at the coaching helm and in an ideal position to pour his passionate progress back into the community. 

Rather than overseas hoops, Stefan Thompson has committed himself to the betterment of his community (via BTB)

BTB helps youth foster relationships and prepare for competitive opportunities on and off the court. Their core values of authenticity, growth, respect and togetherness are absolute pillars and help young adults navigate throughout the world.

Freedom is abound at the Sanctuary

Sanctuary for Independent Media – this community enrichment organization located in Troy, NY serves the community like none other!

They put together festivals, bike repair tutorials, self-help routines and give young people hope. The Sanctuary stands tall on the facets of environmental justice, freedom of expression, activism, art, and science. 

sanctuary for independent media
Sustainability is key at the Sanctuary (via SIM)

Most notably, they tend to purchase abandoned buildings and/or lots and spruce them up or start a holistic food garden in that space. Also, rather than staring at boarded up houses the Sanctuary will find huge posters of former tenants and display them rather than plywood. 

National CARES Mentoring Movement works to give kids a stimulating summer

The National CARES Mentoring Movement functions as a mentoring movement initiative. They provide adequate support to families to bolster their ability to flourish and reach maximum potential.

We need more org’s like this that allow space for tough conversations, practice nonviolence, metacognition and operate based upon community wellness.

cares foundation
We all carry weight, but do we care for one another? (via Cares)

This organization understands the correlation between slavery-era survival tactics and how that might correlate to contemporary situations. Together with Dr. Fiyah Oates, CARES aims to break down barriers to racial equity with trauma-engaged models that are healing-centered and culturally driven. 

Additionally, their W.O.W. program – Walk on Water – encourages self-awareness, self-discovery, emotional freedom and inner transformation.

BGCA is a non profit that provides the utmost resources and community-driven results for kids

Boys and Girls Club of America – this nonprofit organization reaches nearly 4.73 million kids each and every year. The organization puts in dedicated work to transform the hearts of many kids, and this summer will be no different..

nonprofit kids
The Boys and Girls Club integrates character development and fosters a sense of belonging (via BGCA)

As a whole, BGCA cultivates a relevant and meaningful atmosphere within virtuous circles. Children leave the Boys and Girls Club as gatekeepers with measurable goals, perspective, and autonomy. Their programs are designed to meet five key needs:

  1. Bridge the workforce readiness gap
  2. End cycles of inequality
  3. Neutralize safety threats
  4. Fill mentorship void
  5. Listen and amplify marginal voices

This organization is an integral force within the community and represents wellness in every sense of the word. The nonprofit is meant to work for kids; after all, they are the future.

Organizations working to give kids an amazing summer deserve all of our props

For all the evil in this world, light always finds a way to shine through. For kids this summer, that is of paramount importance, and thus organizations working to enlighten and educate kids deserve our utmost respect.

Historically speaking, love always wins. Never neglect what the past can teach you and stay ever-present within the moment.

Plan for tomorrow and prepare for what is to come. Yet again, always revolve back to the omnipotence of being present within the current space and second you exist within. Blessings.