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7 jewels the old Kanye gave us the about achieving greatness

When Kanye dropped “Through the Wire” and we heard the kid from Chicago rap for the first time with his mouth all wired shut, we knew he was going to be something special.

But nobody could’ve predicted that he was going to become this cultural icon who shifts the sound of music, creates products everyone cops, and become a figure of free speech, but it’s 2020 and here we are.

There’s no doubt that Kanye has evolved over the years, and not just with his musical production, but with his personality and brand. Then again, looking back on it, he also hasn’t changed too much at all. Since Ye came in the game, he knew exactly what he wanted to be and had the determination to play it all out.

In an early interview with MTV, Kanye dropped a bunch of jewels when he was only just breaking into the game as a solo artist. Coming up as a producer, he had to finesse his way into the spots he wanted to be and nothing came easy for him.

Luckily, his gift as this once in a generation producer got him noticed quickly and he was able to flip it from being the “producer trying to be a rapper nobody took seriously,” to a Grammy award winning rap artist that no one can stop talking about.

Kanye may get a bad rap for having a big ego but you can’t hate on a guy who makes bold predictions and backs it up years later. You will see that even early on, Kanye always had the mindset to be one of the greatest to ever do it.

The wildest part is that he envisioned all of this. Where he is today is where he saw himself 20 years ago. Peep the video above to see how a young Kanye already ideated his path.