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7 animals that will get peaced because of climate change

Climate change is the hugest threat to civilization as we know it. Due to climate change, ice caps are melting, heat waves are more common, and even species’ gender diversities are being effected.

Polar bears are losing their hunting habitats due to the rapid melting of sea ice. Coral reef communities are bleaching, putting the planet’s underwater ecosystems at risk, intensifying tropical storms, and altering ocean circulation patterns.

That’s not all. With less than 7,000 snow leopards left in the world, the beautiful feline species’ habitat is also at risk due to climate change. Warming temperatures will eventually affect their hunting patterns and completely change their wintry habitats.

The giant panda’s habitat is under pressure too, as climate change is predicted to destroy 35 percent of the bamboo forests in the next 80 years. The fluffy, cute, Central Asian animal will starve to death as they heavily rely on a bamboo diet. 

Not to mention sea turtles, which rely on temperatures to determine the marine reptile’s gender. Some sea turtle populations have been rendered 99 percent female already, thus effecting the species’ genetic diversity. No turtle penis equals no turtle babies.

Sheesh we have really fucked up. African and Asian elephants are already very vulnerable to extinction because of excessive poaching.

These intelligent animals are looking to suffer the most. Extensive heat waves due to climate change are drying up freshwater sources. To prove the seriousness of climate change, elephants need 150-300 liters of water per day to sustain their massive frame.

Not to mention, the graceful pachyderms rely heavily on rainfall for reproduction as more elephants are known to give birth during the rain. 

All of these changes to our environment will effect us, human beings, too. We will pay for our inconsiderate polluting ways one way or another.

Either we are going to die from the health problems relating to pollution, kill ourselves over an annoying and elongated allergy season, intense heat exposure, or extreme weather events.

It is predicted that extreme weather events, combined with the health costs of air pollution are to spiral upward to at least $360 billion annually. Can we handle that?

I don’t think so. Let’s do something about this starting now. Only you can spread the word to help save the world. Bless up.