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6ix9ine claims he’s signed to Birdman’s Rich Gang, seems about right

6ix9ine, the Brooklyn rapper who has become one of the most ubiquitous names in music, claims to have been signed to Birdman’s Rich Gang.

The “Gummo” rapper posed with Birdman and Young Thug on Instagram over the weekend, writing the caption:

“Just signed to Birdman RICHGANG 15 million February 23rd”

It’s unclear if this is real, 6ix9ine’s entire persona seems to be one big troll. He posted another Instagram a couple weeks ago with a similar claim of being signed, this time for $7.5 million.

Regardless of the validity of the claim, 6ix9ine and Rich Gang seems like a partnership forged in hotboy heaven. In his brief career, 6ix9ine has caused quite the stir and Birdman is one of the most infamous characters in the music industry.

6ix9ine’s first hit “Gummo” has been embroiled in controversy since it was released. The song’s beat was made by Pi’erre Bourne, who apparently gave the instrumental to Trippie Redd. Trippie Redd showed the beat to 6ix9ine, who took it for himself, which Pi’erre Bourne was not so pleased about.

Pie’rre wrote on Instagram, “Y’all n****s is opps, no more trippie n pierre y’all ruined it.”

Beyond his music, the wild accompanying visuals, and the rainbow hair and grills, 6ix9ine also finds himself in legal trouble for allegations of sex with a minor.

It’s unclear whether 6ix9ine’s claim that he signed with Rich Gang is actually the case, but Birdman’s label has been no stranger to controversy over the years.

The disappearance of Rich Homie Quan, the blackballing of Lil Wayne, unpaid producers, and Rick Ross constantly talking shit have made Rich Gang one of the sketchiest labels in hip-hop.

6ix9ine embraces the sketch. As does Rich Gang. Seems like an ideal place for the BK rapper to keep making weird ass viral hits and eventually get fucked over by a dubious contract.