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6 life lessons we learned from Superbad that prepared us for college

Superbad came out ten years ago, but the important life lessons that the film contains are more relevant than ever.

For an entire generation of kids, Superbad was a sort of how-to manual on what to do, and maybe more importantly, what not to do, at the end of high school and beginning of college.

It is perhaps the great adolescent comedy of our time. Like Animal House and American Pie before it, but there was something about Superbad that was less overbearing than those films.

There was more of a soul to Superbad, perhaps because of the great introductory performances of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera.

Both actors had made appearances before, Cera in Arrested Development, and Jonah Hill in a collection of C-List comedies, but Superbad launched both of their careers as comedy superstars.

Superbad taught us some of the most important things about that weird time at the end of high school when life is about to change forever.

Teenagers are weird and growing up is weird, but with films like Superbad everything feels a little more safe and easy.

In Superbad we learned that sometimes people draw dicks, there isn’t semen on everything so law enforcement is a tough job, that not everyone drinks, and so much more.

As a sophomore in high school when Superbad came out, that shit was personally transformative.

Shoutout Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Evan Greenberg, and co. for making an absolute comedic masterpiece that defined and shaped a generation.

And remember, people don’t forget.