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50 Cent’s most savage moments prove he’ll cut ass on anybody

50 Cent has sold controversy his whole career. His first big single before Get Rich or Die Tryin’  was the song “How To Rob.”

In that song, 50 spends 4 minutes explaining in detail how he’d go about robbing each rapper in the industry. Since then, 50 has given no fucks when talking about anything, if it exists he has an opinion.

Yesterday was the 8th anniversary of 50’s classic troll of Fat Joe.

In the video posted to the Queens rapper claimed Joe’s music was so bad it gave him “noise poisoning.”

The troll shows 50 crying and hugging his son while whining “it hurt me” and “I don’t care about the money… it sucks.” No matter how you feel about 50, that video is hilarious and is the epitome of 50’s trolling.

Fat Joe wasn’t the first and damn sure wasn’t the last guy 50 cent violated freely. Throughout the years 50 hasn’t missed a step when coming for people’s necks.

In honor of this legendary troll here’s 5 more people who 50 cent has had a blast cutting ass on.

Rick Ross

Bro. Do y’all remember this shit?

For those who don’t know, 50 Cent lost his home to a fire in 2009 and Rick Ross poked fun at the situation on a track. After that it was on between the two rappers but 50 came DIRTY.

This was around the time his website was popping due to all his comedy skits. 50 responded by dropping two videos featuring Rick Ross’ baby mother and his kids.

In the videos the baby mother exposes Ross as a former correctional officer while 50 hugs and kisses all over his kids.

God forgive me for laughing but this is one of the most savage ways to handle a beef ever. This shit was evil and I love it so fucking much.


50 has been coming at Diddy for years now. At this point I don’t think it’s actual beef but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

I swear if 50 didn’t rap he would’ve got his breakout doing comedy. 50 has always made a point to come at the person on top and Puffy’s been the guy on top for years now.

Whatever their relationship is I hope 50’s jokes never end.

Ja Rule

You know, it’s really sad what happened to Ja Rule. In 2017 his name is laughable musically, but he was huge before 50 came in the game.

When 50 Cent took over the rap game his mission was to kick everyone he didn’t like to the curb. Ja Rule just got the worst hand in that shit.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“The check say Golden Boy, that mean you work for Oscar bitch?!” This feud was mad fun because these two are brothers.

No one can talk about Floyd the way 50 did and he definitely talked about that man. Fif challenging the undefeated boxer to read Harry Potter was funny as hell.

After lessening the challenge to a page of Cat in the Hat, Floyd responded challenging 50 to take a picture with all his kids. Why is everything 50 involved in so savage?

Irv Gotti

50 still doesn’t like the Co-founder of Murder Inc. The two hip-hop stars have had problems since the destruction of Murder Inc. (courtesy of 50).

As always, 50 hasn’t let off his neck and takes every chance he can to throw a quick jab at him.

Recently in his interview with The Breakfast Club, when asked about Irv’s competing show on BET, 50 immediately made it clear that he was going to have that show taken off ASAP.