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5 real life lessons we learned from The Rock on HBO’s Ballers

HBO’s Ballers kicks off season three this Sunday and if you’ve been craving some ratchet NFL storylines, you already know The Rock got you covered.

Through two seasons of the show it’s safe to say that it’s truly one of the most lit series on television — literally just 30 minutes of some fly shit every week! But it’s also much more than that. There’s some real shit to takeaway here.

From the hard work during the offseason to the partying and temptations off the field, we learn real life lessons about spending money and making savvy, or boneheaded, business decisions like many athletes do.

The Rock’s character, retired NFL legend turned pro athlete money manager Spencer Strasmore, is one of the most humanizing roles DJ has ever played — a man dealing with a lifetime of mistakes trying to make sure the good friends he mentors don’t do the same.

The parallels between everything he does during this rebirth and all the real life situations he deals with working with NFL players are spot on. Not only are you getting to witness the true baller lifestyle, but you get to see what the day to day mindset is like for a pro athlete in 2017.

Whether it’s guys not knowing how to deal with their family after becoming the main provider or going through the feeling of getting old and washed, you don’t have to be in the league to relate with it.

With season three set to tie in a Las Vegas franchise storyline, you can expect even more of these pivotal life lessons that will blow your mind. Every NFL rookie should be tuning in every Sunday to study this shit.

Peep the video above for the 5 real life lessons we learned from HBO’s Ballers. You’ll be glad you did fam.