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5 pieces of advice from A$AP Rocky on how to strive and prosper

Always strive and prosper.

The A$AP abbreviation was brought to us back when A$AP Rocky dropped his single “Peso” in 2011. Since then he’s dropped two #1 albums, modeled for top brands, and collaborated with the world’s biggest musical artists and fashion designers.

The A$AP pioneer has done well for himself as well as for the other members of the Mob. The Harlem-born rapper with box braids proves that the world is his. With hard work and persistence A$AP has become an empire because of Rocky’s groundwork.

Today marks Lord Pretty Flacko’s 29th birthday. Whether it be setting trends or bodying a verse, Flacko always manages to be unique.

To celebrate another year of A$AP Rocky we’ve put together a guide on how the Harlem rapper manages to always strive and prosper.

“You know who you are, do you”

“Know who you are. Be you, and I’m me. I’m happy being me. It feel good to be me right now, man. Straight up.”

A$AP Rocky doesn’t waste any time trying to be something he’s not. Being comfortable in you is knowing that you’re capable of succeeding as you are. To know who you are is to know your worth.

By being himself, Rocky was able to succeed and when you win on your own merit it makes that win so much sweeter.

“Don’t discriminate against anybody, ’cause we’re all one generation”

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“I want to be the first guy to help people accept everybody for who they are. I’m talking about colors, religions, sex, everybody. My music is for everybody, it’s not just for one kind of group.”

Rocky may be the first rapper to yell “fuck racism” as he did on stage a couple weeks ago.

Any form of hate or discrimination is just limiting yourself to a million experiences. Everyone is unique and everyone has a story, it’s up to you to embrace it.

“I treat everybody equal, and so I want to be sure that my listeners and my followers do the same if they’re gonna represent me.”

“Nowadays, everybody wanna be weird. We know how to manifest being weird”

“When we came in our concern wasn’t with being the dopest n***** outta New York or being the most successful…we just was on doing our own thing — we wasn’t trying to do what everybody else was doing. ”

People like A$AP Rocky were part of the wave of rappers who embraced their weird side. Uniqueness has to be authentic and A$AP found a way to market what makes them different.

When you can channel who you are and pursue your truth you’ll be able to sell yourself and outshine the fake.

“There’s not really much somebody can say to me to bring down my confidence or anything”

“I’m too conceited. We don’t need the whole world to be full of themselves but it works for me. No one else looks like this. That’s what makes me so special.”

The Harlem rapper didn’t get to where he is today by not believing he was a jiggy motherfucker. His level of confidence shows through all his music. He calls himself gorgeous, beautiful, and all the above.

When you’re sure of yourself there’s nothing that anyone can say that will deter you from your goal. Outside factors play a very little role in Rocky’s life and by doing so he’s put himself in a place where not many have been before.

“I want people to know I put everything into my art, I put it before myself”

“Not being seen for 2 years…creating. Not putting out any projects, this is just me creating and trying to evolve myself.”

Rocky has always been on a different wave when it came to his personal music.

Never chasing a trend or specific sound, he’s always managed to make unique art unlike anything else.

Without knocking business practices other artists may use, Rocky makes it clear that he is in this business for something else.

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