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5 IG accounts dedicated to inspiring women during these difficult times

In the wake of the Women’s Marches over the past two years, as well as the stories that have come out of the #MeToo movement, we have seen a wave of support and solidarity amongst women.

The marches that have occurred across the nation emphatically demonstrated that women are uniting together and are motivated to take to the streets to protect their rights against an administration that is committed to the policing of women’s bodies.

Plus, the recent revelations from the Brett Kavanagh case have been particularly traumatic for women and for those who have experienced sexual assault to witness unfold.

In dealing with such a high level of complacency, as well as the propagation of the ‘boys will be boys’ sentiment, it is clear that women need to be there for one another and must continue to resist the patriarchal forces of oppression.


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Kava-NOPE, Kava-NAH, Kava-NEVER! ( via @feministabulous )

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Indeed, the current political climate has increasingly seen women choosing not to be silent anymore. Instead, they have chosen to vocalize their stories and experiences and consequently there is a greater sense of collective political consciousness.

At the same time, we must also recognize and continue to reinforce that each one of us comes with our own very specific set of experiences that shape who we are and how our identity is perceived by others. That is to say, our identities are intersectional and are composed of the other contingencies of race, class, ability, and sexuality.

These five Instagram accounts I have listed quote women who came before us, who are amongst us now, and whom will ultimately pave the way for others to come.

The IG accounts offer the much-needed daily words of encouragement women need to continue to move through the world, empower, do boss-ass shit, practice self-love, and to march the streets until change comes.



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Standing with survivors today and every damn day! #believewomen #believesurvivors

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The female collective is an IG account run-by Candance Reels. The account shares hilarious memes super relatable content.

Sharing her personal journey of self-acceptance and love on her website, Reels’ words of advice have helped developed the female collective into a strong online community.

Reels promotes her intersectional approach to feminism through both her blog and her self-designed apparel that is perfect for someone who wants to wants their clothes to send out a critique! I mean, Reels offers a black t-shirt with the words, “Feminism without intersectionality, is just white supremacy.”


The IG account shares inspirational images of women that are accompanied by motivational quotes for women to keep on grinding.

CEO of @girlsbuildingempires, Ginté Rin, has a website that offers a masterclass for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

The masterclass offers 12 weeks of business training as well as services such as social media training, graphic design training and the opportunity to network with successful female entrepreneurs.



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Words of Women is an IG account that is linked to the website and is dedicated to inspiring women through the (re)sharing of images, quotes, and articles by women and for women that are “entertaining, enlightening and supportive.”

The website emphasizes the intentionality of using social media as a tool for learning and education due to the contents’ sharability.



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The female hustlers IG account offers images and quotes that are committed to empowering women by encouraging women to embrace the ‘jaded’ label of “ambitious” to reach their full potential and be successful.

The company’s website includes a multitude of authors that contribute to a blog and there is also dope merchandise ranging from t-shirts, posters, mugs, and caps that are available for purchase.


Girlboss IG offers a range of images that inspire female political activism, quote female poets for words of comfort and share short videos of motivational quotes for women whom are business centered and are aspiring entrepreneurs.

Their website offers a range of content from articles on wellness, beauty, lifestyle, identity, and business. Follow them for your daily dose of realness!