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5 Bollywood films ready to shake up the culture in 2021

Bollywood films have always had a unique flavor to them, and the movies coming out in 2021 from India are no different. Yet while Bollywood films are incredibly unique, that doesn’t mean they can only interest domestic audiences.

The beautiful elements of our universe align when we collaborate and unite in many different areas. Intersectionality of cultures, fusions of perspectives, and interpersonal communication are also incredible features of our physical and chemical makeups.

Being able to grasp the fact that we are all so different, yet alike in so many ways is the glue that holds our Earth’s roots together. With that said, there are five Bollywood films coming out in 2021 that should heartily appeal to international audiences.

Let’s look into some of the freshest Indian films set to arrive in 2021.


Set to drop on March 19, Visa, directed by Ravi Punj (the man behind Punjabi Titanic) sets its sights on an adventure. Film production began back in 2016 and revolves around the theme of riches to rags.

The story is based around the character Sarpanch Surjan, Singh who sells his property to go abroad. And he then ends up facing hardships in a new territory.

Nonetheless, this movie deals with adversity, familial issues, culture shock, and social adjustment. Not foreign territory for Bollywood films, but sure to breathe fresh air into the midst in 2021.


Master is a movie that dropped on January 13 this year as a pivotal production.

This twisted feature was first originally planned for an April 9, 2020 launch slate under the moniker, “Thalapathy 64.”

Ultimately, it deals with the inner workings of an alcoholic professor who exploits his juvenile students for illicit activities. Incidentally, director Lokesh Kanagaraj had to call an audible due to COVID, and leveraged his production wisely by joining forces with PVR Ltd. 

Credit: PVR Ltd.

Master has been the highest-grossing production in the box office for 2021. The reason being, it is the case study for PVR, who intends to continue to release their respective productions according to the “age-old strategy.”

Master ultimately performed extremely well – despite being released in 50 percent theatre capacity in order to respect the Disaster Management Act.

This gameplan includes ‘business as usual’ as PVR Ltd. believes that the yield per eyeball is still higher in cinema halls than any other distribution strategy.

PVR is definitely up to something as the multiplex moguls on their team acquired Cinemax back in 2012. This then caused company shares to increase by 178 percent.

Make sure you catch this flick wherever possible with music composed by Anirudh Ravichander. Also, filming for this daring 2021 Bollywood film took place in Delhi, Chennai, and Karnataka. 

Untitled 2021 sci-fi Bollywood film

The untitled movie that everyone seems to be buzzing about is the first-ever Indian sci-fi extravaganza. It also features Prabhas and Deepika Padukone in a pan-world setting amidst a fictional World War 3 situation.

However, everyone is looking forward to the first-ever romantic pairing between two absolute units. Nag Ashwin has brought together some of the biggest names to celebrate Vyjayanthi Film’s 50th anniversary. 

Black Currency: The Fake Currency Truth Unfolds

Black Currency: The Fake Currency Truth Unfolds, directed by Sanjay Sharma, deals with some of the sociopolitical issues plaguing India and its neighbors.

This production plans to tackle the issue of counterfeit currency head-on with a sharp, tactful storyline. Agent Arjun Singh hires an undercover gangster to explore widespread theft taking place, a la fraudulent currency.

With potency, this activist 2021 Bollywood film bucks the trend and then goes against the grain to shed light on economic terrorism in India. 

Rise Roar Revolt (RRR)

The Baahubali franchise is one of the most prestigious and sought-out movie events in recent history. Its upcoming film, Rise Roar Revolt (RRR), deals with prominent Telugu individuals who sought tribal freedom.

Still, this movie has a brolic budget and is currently producing the ‘climax’ portion of the intricate plot.

These 2021 Bollywood films give us hope for the future of film in India

Production and cinematography in the COVID era have proven to be difficult to maintain.

Subsequently, as is the case with any hardship – the strong will overcome. Many characters have welcomed the challenge to grasp onto existing tools in their belt and then find a way to advance.

Thus, some components must be slashed to make due, while moviegoers may have to develop different tastes and evolve. Regardless, the maximum beneficiary will always base around those who serve value to the audience members.

And for these upcoming Bollywood films of 2021, that’s still all we can ask for.