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5 athlete and creator pairings we love to see together on the gram

Although a lot of people watch sports for the entertainment of the game, others follow sports for those behind the camera. Athlete and creator pairings show the world the delightful results when creatively inclined professionals link up.

And there are few bigger stages than sports venues.

There are countless creators across the sports world that show the beauty in the sport and the lives of the athletes outside of it. Highlighted in this article are the pairings between five players and creators across the sports universe.

David Sosna And Carmelo Anthony

Less than 20 weeks ago, Carmelo Anthony started an online workshop. Subscribers take online courses and get lessons from some of the best in the basketball industry. Whether it be shooting lessons, or learning about the free agency mill from Shams Charania himself, Through the Lens offers all of these lessons.

David Sosna has become one of the key photographers for the site. He is also one of the main people that helped to launch Through the Lens, roughly 18 weeks ago.

Sosna is also a content producer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. His work allows him to work not just with Carmelo Anthony, but Trae Young, and countless other athletes in the Cleveland area.

Countonvic and Trae Young

Trae Young, obviously a great young NBA talent, has had quite a few shots taken by photographer and overall internet superstar Countonvic.

Countonvic actually helped shoot Trae Young for his series with Through the Lens. His specific episode helped teach subscribers some key abilities in basketball.

Here is more on the ever-inspiring content creator:

Daniel Mogg and Russell Wilson

We have seen quite a few professional athletes dive into the creator space, and one of those athletes is no other than Russell Wilson.

Back in 2014, he founded West2East Empire, which is a brand management and production company, that focuses on strategic storytelling.

Daniel Mogg, an outstanding sports photographer, serves as the Chief Creative Officer for the organization. He has become a key member of Russell Wilson’s team and has been helping to build Wilson’s brand from just about the beginning of Wilson’s career.

Derrick Spencer and Kyler Murray

Derrick Spencer who is the coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals’ social media, has been a part of Kyler Murray’s Cardinals career from the beginning.

Many believed that Kyler Murray was too small to play in the NFL. It seemed that some were even rooting for his demise.

Derrick Spencer highlighted this doubt in the above photo. As the caption says “silence the doubters,” and Murray has definitely done that. An athlete and creator pairing that will always inspire and motivate.

Rod Mar and Jamal Adams

Rod Mar, another talented photographer in the sports world, had the opportunity to photograph one of the great personalities of the NFL in Jamal Adams.

After a blockbuster trade sent Adams to the Seahawks, Adams did not play up to his value in most people’s eyes.

This provided a unique opportunity for Rod Mar to try and capture the disappointment that a great personality like Jamal must have felt throughout last season’s campaign.

Still, Adams is never one to count out. Look for this star athlete to have a comeback season and for the other part of the pairing, creator Rod Mar to capture it in every luscious detail.