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4 misconceptions graduates have coming out of college

Senioritis in college is far worse than it is in high school.

That feeling of mentally tapping out and being over the curriculum just heightens when you know the freedom of adulthood awaits the other-side.

It’s almost as if the culmination of being of drinking age, owning a degree and not having any pressing obligations creates a new you. A you who thinks they’re ready for life and is now equipped to face whatever comes their way.

This could not be further from the truth.

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What we fail to understand is that college is merely the training wheels to ride this is thing we call life. Navigating what we do, where we go and how we conduct ourselves post-college requires balance — a type of balance that universities do not prepare us for.

And because college is treated as the last stage of ignorance, we go into the real world unprepared, wide-eyed, and susceptible to the pitfalls that lie in plain sight.

Honestly, with how readily assessable information is there shouldn’t be an excuse: everyone should be, at the very least, aware of the realities that come with post-graduate life.

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But because we’re so full of ourselves and drunk off of our accomplishments, we ignore them.

Well I’m here to sober you up. Here are four common misconceptions graduates have coming out of college.

You’ll get a job

One of the biggest misconceptions of recent college grads is that they’ll get a job a soon as they walk across the stage. It’s noble.

You have a formal education, you’re young, you’re interested and hungry. Why wouldn’t you be able to find work? That’s just not how the real world works.

Know this: we’re not too far removed from being in a ‘graduate underemployment epidemic’. The 53.6 percent of recent college graduates out of work or underemployed reported in 2011 only dropped to 33 percent in 2014.

Still too many for the price they’re paying.

Everyone’s story is different and you write your own history, but it’s important to grasp the reality of having to shop around your skills and building relationships before landing your dream situation. If you struggle to find a job once you graduate and you have set aside some savings, you could invest in an affordable franchise. For example, if you’re passionate about dogs, a dog training franchise could be an ideal fit. Many pet businesses require purchasing office space, maintaining a large inventory, and managing full-time staff. Not only does that require a high-dollar investment with considerable overhead, but it also makes your job more complicated. Running a business doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to operate an affordable franchise within the pet industry that is both simple and successful.

You’re done with schooling

Another idea that graduates to be or recent grads have is that they’ll stop learning — as if just because there aren’t anymore professors, assigned reading or deadlines, studying wont need to be done. The truth is, you learn the most after college rather than in it.

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Whether it’s having to learn a restaurant’s menu from front to back, or skills like coding, there are endless concepts and methods you’ll have to learn on the fly or even take back to work on at home.

Self-education is the best education. In a time where lies and truth, and real and fake, are often too blurred of lines, reading up and researching for yourself should be something you strive to do regardless.

You’ve made the friends you’ll make for life

Another false truth that is adopted by grads-to-be, is that the friends they have will be the friends they have for life.

It certainly feels that way throughout college, but the actuality of it actually happening is slim. Trust me.

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Just like high school, you’ll start to find yourself communicating less and less with people you never missed a day without seeing. Its not personal, its circumstantial.

It’s normal for lives to naturally drift in opposite directions. Your profession may pull you one way while their profession pulls them to another. It happens.

What you will find, though, is that the friends that don’t faulter — that rare three or four — will be the ones you can count on forever. Big facts.

Your degree will solve everything

New graduates tend to think their degree is a key to whatever door they want to access. Because it took four years to attain, there’s a sense of value in it, so they automatically assume others will see the value in it, too.

You should always look to build on your degree.

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Whether that’s getting a certification in a skill or learning a trade or even a program, never get in the mindset that the degree will make it happen for you. It’s only the beginning.

Graduation is an accomplishment, but not one to sit back on. Graduating should push you to go out and prove yourself — not to live in the moment.

When these misconceptions are noted and remembered, you’ll be somewhat better off after getting your degree. Bless up!