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3 ways to start making money in the eSports industry today

Last week we kicked off the convo talking about the emerging eSports market and why now is the time to get invested. In part two this week, we discuss how!

There are obviously numerous ways to get involved in the eSports space however, it’s all relative to each individual because everyone has a different amount of time to dedicate, different amounts of money to invest, and a different level of interest in eSports itself.

So essentially, we’re going to keep all concepts pretty high level and whichever of those apply to you the most, take that information and feel free to do your own research more in depth.

We’ll discuss 1) Creative Entrepreneurial Ways to Get Involved, 2) Navigating eSports Stocks and 3) the Private Market and Startups.

Check out the video above and make sure to subscribe to Sav Says on YouTube! Stay tuned to learn more!