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3 tips to staying inspired and why those who stay hungry always win

There’s a difference between having a chip on your shoulder and having an edge. While one has overtones of vengeance, the latter suggests more of a hyper keenness.

When you’ve assessed what it takes to get to where you want to go in life, no matter what it is, you’re going to find that it takes hard work. And it is in those very moments of difficulty that having an edge comes in handy. It’s what keeps us going when things seem bleak and confident in failure.

With that being said, it’s hard maintaining that edge. There are daily inspiration apps, websites, social media accounts and countless other mediums that all tap into this very demand.

From the taxation of our everyday lives to inevitable disappointments, we’re going to hit lows, and if we’re not able to tap back into go-mode we can risk backtracking or missing opportunity. It’s when we lose our edge that the quicksand of monotony gets us.

That’s why you want to stay motivated — every second is calculated when you’re inspired. Daily goals are set and met, recreation and vacations are planned, and optimal energy is focused where it should.

There are three easy tips that you can do every day to tap into what inspires you. You don’t necessarily need an app, there is inspiration all around and inside of you that is dying to be discovered. It all starts with where you look.

Find what inspires you

There is inspiration everywhere that specifically and uniquely caters to each of us. It’s in the music we listen to, the athletes we watch, or any content we intake for that matter. It’s all at our fingertips, it’s just a matter of seeing it as so.

LeBron, for example, has been posting videos of his workout routine where he wakes up at 5am to put in work. To the naked eye that’s just random content — nothing more than a superstar athlete showing off. But for they who are looking for a boost of motivation, it’s heroic.

The fact that Bron has managed to remain in tip-top shape in his later years is a physical feat unlike we’ve ever seen, and with the right point of view, it could get your head in the right space you’ve been needing.

We have to start looking at inspiration differently. Our behavior towards it now is much too casual. We have to treat inspiration like it’s food or gas for our car. It should be something we actively seek because we need it for the grind.

From your favorite athlete, album or show, you’d be surprised at the gems and seeds of motivation that lie within some of our favorite things. You don’t always need pre-workout or a C.S Lewis quote, it could be Master P’s story on Solange’s Seat at A Table. 

Put it in front of you

After we’ve found out what gets us going, it’s then our job to make sure it’s in front of us at all times. When we’re constantly reminded of the gear we need to be in, it’ll eventually become second nature to us.

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Print out quotes, pictures of the body you want, re-watch videos, etc. Do whatever it takes to integrate what inspires you into your daily routine in an intentional way.

When we do this, we’re reminding ourselves of the mindset we need to not only accomplish the day’s task but to push through whatever unforeseen mishaps that may present themselves. Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap may save you from calling in one day or Will Smith may say something that inspires you to take that leap you’ve been afraid of taking.

Track your progress

Lastly, you want to be able to track your progression. Self-awareness is vital when it comes to pursuing your dreams, starting up businesses or when you’re dealing with anything that means a lot to you. Knowing if your wheels are spinning in place or if you’re making headway is a must.

The best way to track progress is to make goals and revisit them. Set benchmarks of what you want to accomplish, then later see whether your tool of inspiration was of any help.

If more people sought out inspiration like they did caffeine, much more would be accomplished. That unbelievable burst of endorphins that are released when something motivates you is something we can have every day if we tried. And our lives would change if we did.