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3 reasons why Young Nudy and Pi’erre’s ‘Sli’merre’ is the hardest sh*t out

Nowadays keeping up with music is an impossible task.

The ease it takes to produce, record, and distribute your own sound, coupled with the fact that rap has become the most recognized genre in the world, has caused a proliferation of rappers in the hip-hop which has in turn given us more options that we can pick from.

Dreamville’s Ari Lennox just dropped today, Logic and Eminem released a single that got traction last week, and that’s not mentioning YG’s single “Go Loko,” PnB Rock’s new album TrapStar Turnt PopStar or the snippet to the first glimpse of Tyler Creator’s new album, Igor. 

Having too much music to pick from is definitely a gift and a curse.

However, out of all the new music that has just been released, there’s one project that is a must-listen. One project that is a cant-miss and would be a crime if you didn’t run through at least once: Young Nudy and Pi’erre’s conjoined project, Sli’merre

Released today, the 12-track album is Nudy’s most recent offering following his mixtape, Faded In The Boothearlier this year and the latest in a string of tapes he’s been putting out since 2015.

The 26-year-old Atlanta-native who is actual blood cousins with 21 Savage might not hold as much weight as the aforementioned artists but don’t be fooled, Nudy more than belongs.

Sli’merre is executively produced by arguably the best at making beats currently in Pi’erre Bourne, he has the hottest rappers in the game right now featured on the project, and he was just the target of the sting operation that led to his cousin 21 Savage being apprehended by ICE during the Super Bowl.

No offense to any other artists that released music today or this week, but Nudy is cooking up something serious right now and Sli’merre might be his best dish yet — and it definitely starts with the production.


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I’m not sure if people truly understand just how special Pi’erre Bourne is. There is not a producer making beats as unique or has quite set themselves apart like he has.

While first making a name for himself on Playboy Carti’s “Magnolia”, Pi’erre set himself apart on Carti’s 2018’s Die Lit, bringing forth an array of sounds and time signatures that made it feel like Pi’erre himself was on the track.

Pi’erre beats have an animation about them that’ll bring the bounce out of you and allows artists with less wordy flows — like Nudy and Playboi Carti — the space to maneuver in and out of the pocket with their breathy bars and ad-libs.

It’s become a partnership that’s built a chemistry that’s a joy to hear.


Celebrating violence, drugs, and violence is never the aim when it comes to artists like Young Nudy. The misconception is that they’re rapping about these things — in Nudy’s case, robbing and killing — because they’re actual snapshots from their lives.

Not even getting into Nudy’s gifted ability to float on any track in any way he pleases, is his ability to bring you into his life.

On the second track, “Mister,” which features 21 Savage, he effortlessly gives you a first-hand account of what a day in his shoes is like.

All my life, I’ve been a hustler (yeah)
Dopeboy, cap peeler, street young nigga
Get that money, fuck these hoes
All I know is freaks up
Stack that money, blue hunnid
Ten thousand daily


You never want your features to make your album for you, which it didn’t in Nudy’s case, but you do want to have a good mix that will both draw attention and make most collaborative sense. Nudy and Pi’erre did that to the letter with Sli’merre.

Nudy was able to enlist the likes od DaBaby, Meg The Stallion and Lil Uzi Vert just to name a few, and they all fit seamlessly into the project.

Sli’merre is the most must-listen project out by a landslide. Do yourself a favor and give it a spin.


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