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2021 college graduates emerge to a new world: How should they feel?

The first step to becoming the strongest version of oneself is sheer confidence, self-sturdiness, and awareness of the fact that there is something you can do that NOBODY else can do. Nobody knows this better than the college graduates of 2021.

The graduating class of 2021 experienced a gradual sense of loss and shock during what has been deemed β€œThe Great Pause.” The polarization of our modern world and government negligence at the time of the initial outbreak (Feb., March 2020) have combined to create quite a precarious situation for recent graduates.

Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show a 3.5 percent drop in college enrollment (ages 16-24) and an 8.7 percent decrease in employment since 2019 (ages 20-29). Thus, it is fair to say there has never been a better time to ditch the college debt and pick up a trade.

Demand for trade work is incredibly high at the moment

Many trades pay incredibly well because the work is tedious and not as widely encouraged as the college route.

college graduates 2021
Many women find success in male-dominated spaces when they pick up a trade (via Unsplash)

When it comes to actual graduation ceremonies, it appears that the pushback has come from parents more so than students.

Regardless, the trend for 2021 college graduates seems to lean toward in-person and outdoor graduations. But, for those who are facing the virtual bubble ceremony, some decided to (Go)fund their own ceremony such as students at the University of Tampa

Using Covid as a collegiate stepping stone

Overall, it comes down to timing and setting. It just plain stinks to have to have gone to college during the COVID era. Plain and simple – the virus provided multiple limitations.

The biggest setback from a general perspective is the lack of networking that came as a result. It is clear that most of the time who you know is more important than what you know. COVID canceled countless social events which made it difficult to swarm social circles. 

Many college students call upon their mentors or people within their desired spaces to try and strategize the best path of movement for themselves.


In a Zoom meeting, people are much less likely to divulge key pieces of information because of the formality that the setting provides and the fact that everything on the internet is recorded.

2021 college graduates will overcome

The entire process has provided challenges for recent college graduates. Many traditional styles of graduation have been foregone in lieu of health restrictions and protocols.

There is much less spectacle or circumstance surrounding the events. Yet, those young adults will carry on. There is no doubt that these unimaginable hardships will only make them stronger and more seasoned.

Imagine with me now for a second if you would. You know you are gifted and you even know what your gift is. The question then becomes – how will you implement your gift to make it accessible to the masses? 

How will you channel your pain and what torments you into a universally accepted medium? That is the challenge that we all face if we wish to help others.

So, as long as you know what you are doing is right and operate off of that gut instinct, just keep completing that journey. Your moment is right around the corner.